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Jaded Video- Not Paying their bills?

NL-I can’t say much about this post. Consider it gossip/rumor. I got it anonymously. I can’t find anything on this company anywhere, except that they were the ones who supposedly sold and shipped out the Max Hardcore vids that got him arrested. I don’t know if the below is real or not. If it is real, I hope someone corrected their spelling and grammar and sent it back to them with a big fat  red “F” on the top. If anyone has info please comment. Jaded Video you are welcome to give your side also, and I will post it, mistakes and all.


Jaded Video is sending this message out industry wide –

We are currently reorganizing in order to stay in business in the future and are not in a position to pay any old debt. 

We apologize for this however we have layed off all employees and are just paying rent and insurance and utilities. We are trying to negotiate a substantial decrease in our rent in order to remain here in Huntington Beach and should be successful. So far, everyone has been extremely understanding and cooperative which we so appreciate. We will come out of this strong and look forward to working with you in the future. Please accept our apolgies here at Jaded and we will keep all our vendors posted as to our progress. 


Pamela Smith

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