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Jake Malone’s Deepest Darkest Secret Revealed

Jake Malone posts on ADT:

OMFG!!! My darkest secret is revealed!

Can it be true??? Does anybody give a rats ass??? Only this guy lukewhatshis name knows. Because he knows about stuff that didn’t even happen!

I have shot camera on a few scenes for my friend John Strong, under the name Itchy McGurk. Maybe five or six during the year I’ve been with Evil Angel. I don’t do it because I’m broke, I do it because I like shooting sex.

( I’m not broke!…really!…It’s just those Asian Dominatrix hookers are sooo expensive!)

And I get to see some new girls and see how they do. When I shoot for John, I try to shoot the way he likes it, which is a little different than the way I shoot my own stuff, (he’s the director, I’m just a hired gun.) so I like using my alter-ego name “Itchy”.

It’s no great secret, and like I said, who cares?

As for Evil Angel, there is no company in the world I would rather be hooked up with. IMHO it is the ” top of the market”.

There is no one in porn with a more flawless reputation for integrity than John Stagliano, and, he actually watches the porn I make, which is unheard of among porn company owners.

We don’t “get paid” at Evil. We all own our own stuff so, however well our stuff sells, that’s how much $ we make.

If your stuff sells pretty good, like mine, you make what I call really good $. If your stuff sells REALLY good, like some of the other people there, you make REALLY good money.

All things being relative, what’s a lot of $ to me, might not be a lot of $ to Lukewhatshisname.

But saying people “are simply not making money there”, is “simply not true”.

Thanx 4 watching!


Tricia Devereaux posts:

I thought that Bella was the best thing about Bella Loves Jenna. No disrespect to Jenna, but Bella took that movie places where ‘Vivid’ performers simply wouldn’t have been able to.


LMAO at Jake’s really good $ vs. REALLY good $. Jake – you and I both know that the only reason for the marginal difference in sales between our best sales numbers and your best sales numbers is because Fuck Slaves scared off a few overly conservative distributors. Other than that, your movies are as good and entertaining as anything else we have.

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