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James Bartholet Never Fails to Disappoint

Some of you probably don’t know this, but in between doing lines of coke, forcing girls into content trade, and doing gay shit, James writes PR. In fact, he calls himself a publicist first, instead of piece of shit. And here’s the kicker, people actually pay him to write PR, and sites, after a major rewrite, run it…

Here is a PR James “Pablo” Bartholet wrote.

Check out this title:

Reign, Grace, and Isabella star in “Black To The Future”

Lovely ebony stars September Reign, Hazel Grace,and Sommer Isabella star in the new Diabolic release “Black To The Future”.

The all black released film also stars Daya Knight, Ray Black, Jack Blaque, Jon Jon, and Oliver Davis, and will be released on January 19th.

You can get more information at


As you can clearly see James really went that extra mile on this one.

XBIZ didn’t run it, most likely they were too busy getting blowjobs and saving sex workers from Trump. AVN probably refused to run it due to legal reasons involving James writing PR while high on paint thinner.

Nothing could be more true.

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