James Deen and Ron Jeremy face sex allegations

The entertainment industry has never been short of drama. The most recent one to hit the headlines being female actors coming out to protest over sexual abuse meted on them by some big shots in Hollywood. You would be forgiven if you thought that guys in the porn industry would never be accused of sexual abuse considering they get paid to have sex. Well, that’s not the case. The recent Weinstein sex abuse scandal has caused lots of uproar with chicks coming out in numbers to claim that they have also been sexually abused. Probably you think that it’s another bunch of Hollywood producers. Wrong guess, they are not! They are two major porn actors namely James Deen and Ron Jeremy. Maybe I should let that sink in for a second J.

Biggest names in the porn industry

Ashley Fires, one of James Deen’s accusers

More women, both from within and out of the adult entertainment industry, have called for scrutiny of two of the biggest names in the porn industry. James Deen has been accused of sexually assaulting his former girlfriend and several other fellow porn stars. The accusations which first came to light in 2015 have been firmly denied by the accused who reiterated his respect for women and their limits both personally and professionally. One of his accusers is Ashley Fires, who claims that Deen ‘almost raped’ her in a communal shower. In a tweet, she wondered why action was not taken against him. Her tweet read: “In the wake of recent actions taken against Weinstein, Ailes, O’riley, Jeremy. Why is James Deen still granted shade to abuse women!?”

Stoya, who also happens to be Deen‘s ex also claimed on 28 November 2015 that James Deen ‘fucked her while she said no’. Several other women have since come out with similar accusations against the actor best known for rough sex videos. One of them is former porn star Tori Lux who accused Deen of first striking her and forcing her face on his crotch before violently shoving her to the floor. Major adult content distributors have since dropped him.

Provoked him

There are many ways to provoke a man, but one adult actress discovered exactly how not to provoke James Deen. “Bitch” ooh yeah! That’s the word that doesn’t work for Deen. She used it, and according to her, it’s a day she will live to regret. Meet Amber Rayne. She claims that she is not coming out to gain the attention and had dismissed the incident as a one-off until very recently. Though she was at first hesitant to share her experience regarding a colleague she has since developed some friendship. She says that the events of that day have to be brought to light considering the same has happened to other women she knows.

It all started out when Rayne said to Deen ‘Yeah fuck me like that you son of a bitch’ when they were shooting an anal scene. She claims that Deen was so angry that he punched her in the face while still screwing her ass and then proceeded to brutally fuck her until there was blood all over and the scene had to be cut short. For context, she needed stitches to correct the ‘backdoor problems.’

Another porn actor Kora Peters also claimed that Deen had taken advantage of her when they were shooting a regular boy/girl sex scene. Anal was something she was not ready to try, but Deen had other ideas. He kept trying to penetrate her ass, and she kept pushing him away, but eventually, he succeeded and even got a high five from the crew for achieving an anal scene for the price of a boy/girl scene. Efforts to deal with the incident through her agent were useless. He received a cold response of how why she should be proud to have starred in the same movie as Deen, as he was regarded as one of the most prominent performers. Well, the accusations keep getting juicier, don’t they?

Ron Jeremy

He is probably the most prolific name in the porn industry, having featured in over 2,200 movies. This New York native started out as a teacher before moving to the acting industry. The 64-year-old is estimated to be worth $US6 million, with the bulk of his riches coming from the porn industry and endorsements coming from his fame. Well, that has not stopped the accusations from flowing.

Perhaps the most significant accuser is webcam model Ginger Banks who earlier this year accused Jeremy of sexually assaulting women. What concerned Banks more is the way industry players were telling her to get used to it like she should expect sexual assault as a regular thing in her line of work. She listed several claims against Jeremy in which she included claims by several other women accusing Jeremy of sexually molesting them.

Among the women who have come out to accuse Jeremy, is a webcam model popularly known as ‘Miss Lollipop’. She claims that in one photo-shoot with Jeremy, he slipped his finger under her panties into her vagina. He adamantly denied this accusation.

The accusations levelled against the two porn stars perhaps coupled with many others that have not emerged point to an existing problem in the society. The porn industry is lowly regarded as one of the industries that have the worst cultures. The truth is, the adult entertainment industry has every right to be concerned about the safety of its female professionals, same as in other industries. Just because they get naughty in front of the camera, it does not in any way mean that they should not be treated accordingly.

With that said, ThePornDude does not condone sexual assault on women. If the allegations are indeed true, such acts should be blatantly condemned with the strongest terms possible and the perpetrators brought to justice, their porn acting prowess not withstanding.

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