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James Deen Files Complaint Against Bellator MMA


Controversial adult performer and producer, James Deen has lashed out once again against the double standard that he perceives has been placed on his industry by government health officials – the mandatory use of condoms. Still reeling from the nearly $80,000 worth of fines levied at him by the state of California for not enforcing condoms in his porn productions, Deen decided yesterday to file a complaint against MMA giant, Bellator MMA and its owner, Viacom, claiming Bellator MMA had violated their own health regulations.

His complaint shines a spotlight on the hypocrisy of lawmakers cherry-picking which industries they want to scrutinize and issue fines. While Bellator MMA and mixed martial arts in general couldn’t be further from Deen’s craft, the blood sport certainly shares the same obligations when it comes to ensuring the health and safety of its employees. Deen claims that Bellator MMA has violated the very same HIV rules and regulations for which Deen was issued.

“You can’t pick and choose how to enforce the law. Sex workers should not be held to different standards under the same regulations as their mainstream counterparts. While both the adult film and professional fighting industries require their performers to undergo testing for HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, and the like, only the adult industry is being fined and reprimanded.”

– James Deen

James Deen, despite his (alleged) checkered past, has a point. This is a genius publicity stunt to garner attention to his plight by using MMA as an analogy for the public to digest and understand the inherently flawed issues of regulation and the biases within.

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