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Jamey Janes Interview- Part 2 “I just want to tie you up and put you in my basement”

Part One is here

Interview By Cindi Loftus  
Photography by Industry by Rick  
©2010 Xcitement Magazine

 AF: Speaking of pictures. When I looked around on the web I found pictures of you kissing girls, EVERYWHERE!
J: (Laughs) Everywhere. I know.

AF: Why are you kissing girls everywhere?
J: I like girls. I am very dominant. So I love the opportunity to be very manly and take charge with some of these girls.

AF: So when you are at all of these adult industry parties, how do you end up with them. Do you just walk up and say excuse me….
J: This is a very funny thing about it. For a while I would say I was gay or whatever and I was just really into girls. But it didn’t work out so well for me. Girls never think, people think I am just rude or something..

AF: Why?
J: Because I am serious. Believe it or not I have an introverted personality.

AF: No I don’t believe it. (Laughs)
J: For me, my real persona, I am an introvert. For my work persona I am an extrovert. It’s not like I have multiple personalities or something. That’s why I have a fake name because I am an actress. People will tell me I look serious and I will say, no I am just thinking and trying to avoid getting smile wrinkles ( Laughs)

AF: (Laughs) That’s a good answer.
J: I guess the way I look or something. I don’t really look like a lesbian. I don’t know. Girls would never hit on me. I guess they think I look like a cock lover. So now that I am in porn, things are more open. Do you like girls? Yes? Everybody likes to have fun. So it is much easier to approach a girl. If I was at a regular club I couldn’t walk up to a girl and say hey you are hot and grab her ass. Because it’s the porn setting, I am allowed to do things that you normally wouldn’t be allowed to do. It’s more acceptable.
AF: It’s fun too, huh?
J: Yeah, yes! I put on my charm and I walk up and start feeling on them…

AF: You are a pervert.
J: I am very much a pervert.

AF: You talk about being really dominant, but I also found a scene on line of you being submissive. It was for Fuckmachine. You had nipple clamps and there were wires on you and then the fuck machine going in and out.
J: To me it’s not submissive because you are still in control and no one is touching you. They brought out the nipple clamps out and they said that they had put them on their nipples but none of them could handle it, so they put them on my nipples and I was just sitting there like la dee dah. And I noticed they were all looking at me. So then they gave me a bunch of clothespins to put where ever I wanted all over my body. So I am dominant but I like a little kinky sex, and pain or whatever, but only if I do it to myself. I like to be in control. So they might have thought it was going to hurt me, but it felt good. So during the scene I had the clothespins all over me and I would rip em off and then put them back on and squeeze them on my skin. For a scene for dungeoncore I was tied up and I got my ass beat. I can take it because I have a very high threshold for pain. But where as some girls like that. I don’t and not because I wouldn’t like it if I did it to myself, but it’s the fact that it’s somebody else is in control. If I let you have control, I guess they call it topping from the bottom, then it’s okay. But if you just have straight control, the more they want you to scream the more determined I am not to make a sound. (Laughs) And finally I played into it to make sure it was a good scene. Some people get confused and think because I like a little rough sex and pain, no I don’t want you to pull my hair, I didn’t tell you to do that. If I pull your hair than you can pull my hair. But I am still in control.

AF: Well you have obviously done the whole range of types of sex. Where is the weirdest place you ever had sex?
J: For a scene or in real life?

AF: In real life.
J: I’ve had sex in a lot of weird places. My favorite one is where I live, you have to have a code to get in and when you come in the front door there is a camera watching the door. So I have a friend coming over and I dress up in some really slutty lingerie and it was cut open around my boobs and the crotchless underwear and stockings and heels and I wore a long coat. When I got downstairs to the door I took my coat off in front of the camera and gave the guy a blowjob.
AF: They are probably still watching that footage at your building.
J: I’m sure they’ve seen it.

AF: Do you have a favorite scene that you have done?
J: My favorite group scene that I have done was definitely Bonny and Clide. My favorite group scene that I have done with girls was the Slumber Party because there were four girls and I got to work with Vicky Chase and I just love her. A lot of people think that pussy is supposed to have a smell or a taste. I don’t know why they think so. But I was always irritated by that fact. My pussy doesn’t have a smell or a taste and that’s how I like it. I loved working with her because hers is the same way. And she just really lets me choke the shit out of her. It was very fun because they had strap-ons and usually strap-ons are just a penis, but these ones had balls too. So I was so excited. I put it on. I was saying somebody suck my dick and somebody suck my balls. It was like the highlight. I was being the manly dominant one and so the girls tried to hold me down and I wrestle and I work out and you can’t hold me down. You don’t want to fight with me. It was very funny. That turns me on to give you an orgasm and to play with you. So after the scene was done, after an hour of playing around. Afterward I went out to one of the couches and grabbed a Hitachi and masturbated.

AF: And got yourself off.
J: Yeah, exactly. I like to play and have my fun when it comes to girls. But I like to finish myself because even though I like girls, I’ve had so much practice you just can’t do it, as good as me.
AF: Who haven’t you worked with yet that you would like to?
J: I’m not sure I have any guys in particular that I want to work with. I don’t know who you are unless I have worked with you. And it’s not like I have looked around and said wow you have a really nice cock or a really nice pussy or something. But I would love to work with Vicky Chase again. Anybody who has good energy and who is going to work the scene with me and wants to do a really good scene, I’m down. I am not really particular about anybody. That’s just not my style to lust after somebody for a long time. (Laughs)

AF: Do you have an unfulfilled fantasy?
J: Yes, yes yes I do. And I’ve actually wrote a column about it that’s not out yet for Fox’s other magazine.The fantasy that I’ve had for a long long time and people just don’t understand it because they think if it’s a fantasy it has to be something very sexual, but for me it is. The fantasy is that I am in the library. I love to go to the library and touch all the books. For me it gives me the feeling of ahh. To think about all the minds and thoughts and knowledge here. So my fantasy is to pretty much go to the library walk around touching and feeling the books and smelling their pages and just wrapping myself up in this excitement over all this knowledge and eventually knocking over all the shelves and throwing all the books onto the floor and literally ripping pages out and smelling them and masturbating and dry humping against the books.

AF: That is definitely a new one for me. You are so cute and weird at the same time.
J: I know if I wasn’t this cute I would never get away with how sick and perverted I am.
AF: (Laughs)
J: I walk up to somebody, usually a girl and telling her you are so sexy I just want to tie you up and put you in my basement and leave you there for a week, then I want to eat barbeque and after I am done I want to fuck you. Or I will tell them I want to keep you in my closet and just take you out and play with you.

AF: You know what is funny? I just interviewed someone and asked them what their fantasy was and they wanted to be blindfolded and put in the closet and then taken out and played with and put back and not know who it was. I swear to god.
J: What it a girl or a guy?

AF: It was a girl. I am going to introduce you two.
J: That is perfect I am clearing out the closet now. I want to have all my stilettos in there so that when they lay down in there they can’t get comfortable.

AF: Okay I just looked it up and it’s Riley Steele. I’m going to send you both links to each other’s interviews.
J: Please do. I am creative about fantasies. I was wondering what it would be like to ride in the trunk of someone’s car. And I didn’t know at the time that it could be dangerous because of the exhaust getting in. But at the time I didn’t know and it’s all good and I am still here.

AF: I just found the line from Riley’s interview She says “ Being locked in the closet and just used.”
J: Oh yeah. As long as she doesn’t mind it being a girl that would be perfect.
AF: If this happens I get a copy of the video or something.
J: Yes, yes, yes!

AF: Do you have a message for your fans?
J: Everyone come to see me when I am at conventions. I hope you enjoy my work and my writing. And keep getting addicted!

You can read the whole interview and see the naked layout here

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