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Jana Jordan to Write for LIB


NL says- Jana, I’d LOVE to have you write for LIB. Welcome!  Please get in touch (click the e-mail button at the top) and we’ll set it up. There are also some perks i want to tell you about…

NL says- Fan Boi- Good play my man. I owe ya, let me know if you are hiring anyone else to write for me, lol.


janajordan Says:
I evacuated to Austin from Houston for the hurricane. I just came back, and Houston is a fucking mess still in my area. My power is back on, and most of the street lights are working again and stores are opening up but there is still a curfew and trash/trees are still all over the place.

Yesterday at 10:11 p
FanBoi Says:
Jana- So glad you are ok! You should write a blog for this site so we can all read what you are doing. NL-Ask Jana to write for you!
a fan

Yesterday at 10:37 p
janajordan Says:
LOL I would love live to write for ya’ll. I do on my website, freeones and lots of other boards

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