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Janine Does Anal !

On February 1st Janine did a video interview with EmmReport before she left for the Oregon halfway house. She is sentenced to four more months there because she violated her probation. She says ” I fell in love and I got married, and you’re not supposed to do that.”

“I am a happily married woman, and soon you will be seeing a taste of our animalistic lovemaking. People have been asking for an anal scene, and now I have a willing participant,  my husband.”

The movie was being shot for Vivid, and Janine is doing all five scenes.

She says she understands why Jesse was granted custody of her daughter for the time she is gone. Of course this interview took place a couple months ago before all the Jesse/Sandra drama happened.

One of the interesting things on the tape is that Janine now has a full tattoo on the front of her neck of a red heart that says Fear Not underneath it.

Janine says she missed a couple visits with Sunny because she went to the ER. She had a STROKE!

You can watch the whole thing here-

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