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Janine & Jesse- Things are looking up…

Janine did a quick video interview on TMZ and she says that now that all the smack talking is done she & Jesse & Sandra will be co-parenting Sunny, and they will all protect her. You can see the TMZ vid here. I got these little screen shots from the video.

It looks like Janine has more tatts. The one on the side of her neck I think says “Lefty” which is her husband’s nickname. On the front of her neck, she has a the heart with a dagger through it and under that it says ” Fear Not” which she obviously doesn’t have because that had to HURT!

As always Janine looks gorgeous even with her hair cropped short. I’m not a fan of all the tattoos, but I don’t think there is anything this woman could do to herself that wouldn’t look good. She has one of the most beautiful faces I have ever seen, and she looks just as pretty as she did when I first met her sixteen years ago.

Janine says that she has learned a lot about herself through all this and she seems to be in a really good place. She says she and Jesse will be splitting custody of Sunny 50/50.  I wish the best for Sunny because that little girl sure has been through a lot.

This link is NSFW and takes you to Janine’s Website where there is also a video interview she did a  little while back.

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