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Janine- Margold Jumps on the Bandwagon….

It’s Not who You know……

From the Press Release: by way of

Retaliating to Sandra Bullock’s callous attempt to steal her daughter, adult entertainment superstar Janine Lindemulder will appear (appeared this morning) on ABC’s “Good Morning America” at 7am (PST) via satellite feed. Ms. Lindemulder is currently fulfilling her legal obligations. Bullock’s recent diatribe against Janine is based on accusations that the legendary performer “would be placing her daughter in an atmosphere involving drugs, weapons, and other felonious situations.” Emphasizing completely with Janine’s predicament, William Margold of Protecting Adult Welfare ( is hoping that adult entertainment industry performers, particularly ones who are parents themselves, will rally against Bullock’s actions “by boycotting the Hollywood star’s upcoming film releases.” Also, Margold is extending an opportunity to Janine to be inducted into 2010’s Legends of Erotica in January. “She is truly a megastar…and is way overdue to be recognized and honored as one.”

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