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Janine Married to Vaniity? No…

Ryan Rayzer from pisses me off. I come up with the same ideas for stories as he does. But since I am way lazier, he usually gets them up first. I do however do more research in my lazy way so I can update his stories and make them BETTER! (procrastination can lead to good things)

Ryan posts that “speaking of Janine, and couples news, did you know that Janine is now remarried?  Well fuck, I didn’t know that either.  Last I heard she was involved in a bitter dispute with her ex husband Jesse James who quickly married Sandra Bullock as soon as he divorced Janine.  So who the hell is Janine married to?  I have no fucking idea but she tweeted about her love for him / her / well we really don’t know who Janine married so fuck if I know if it’s a him or a her but we know Janine was recently in a relationship with Vaniity the transsexual performer so could that be who Janine married?”

The answer is NO, because if you go to Vaniity’s myspace page, On September 16th Vaniity says ” JANINE, what the heck, why haven’t you contacted me? What did I do wrong? ?

Janine’s Myspace & Twitter do say married, and one tweet says she is married to her best friend, so I guess we will all have to wait and see. Believe me, I am trying to get more info, and I’ll let you know the minute I do. Until we do here are some galleries of her and Vaniity-

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