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Janine’s Custody Battle

She blogs:

As you may or may not know I’m in the middle of a pretty ugly custody battle….with many false allegations directed my way. It’s unfortunate that it’s come to this. I feel the need to defend myself and my 2 children regarding this matter. I cannot continue to bury my head in the sand and hope it all goes away. I must say my side. I love my kids more than life itself and would never want to see them harmed in any way. To read these false claims and to be faced with the aftermath everyday hurts my heart to no end. My children are my life force…without them nothing matters. I want to give my kids a happy, fun, nurturing, loving childhood. I understand that my chosen occupation may not be “ideal” as a mother…. however, I also know my status in the adult industry is a small fraction of who I am. I love my job and I’m grateful for the 20 years I’ve been a part of it. Sex is NOT a horrible thing. It’s allowed me to work a little and play alot. I spend the majority of that time with my children. I’m not a “partier”…I don’t bring my work home. I’m a quirky, silly, moody, fun single mom….I’m not perfect but everyday I try to be better than the day before.
Bottom line….Sunny loves her dad, step mom, and her brothers and sister and they’re good to her. This situation is not about me, we all just want the best for Sunny….but taking her away from me is not the answer. I want nothing more than to give Sunny all the love in the world. The allegations cut me and my family to the core but we’ll survive this. In a perfect world, one day we will all get along as co-parents and raise our babies the best we can.

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