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Jasmine Tame Interview

I first spoke to this cute blonde on December 7, 2005.

Thursday morning we chat by phone.

Jasmine: “I stayed in Florida [out of porn] for seven months until June when I went back [to Los Angeles to do hardcore].”

“It’s so hard to travel back and forth. I was thinking of moving out there at the new year and starting all over again.”

Luke: “What do you love and what do you hate about being a porn star?”

Jasmine: “It’s creative. Yeah, it’s sex but you can come up with so many fun things to do around it. I like that I can do whatever I want, wear whatever I want and say whatever I want and it’s all fun.

“Negatives? Yeah, some people are rude. They don’t care about you. They’ll make things up about you. They’ll put it so negative and really it’s not.

“As far as drugs. If a girl wants to drink on set, that’s her thing. It’s not like people do it purposely or just because of the job.”

Luke: “How often have you seen drugs on set?”

Jasmine: “Rarely. The only person I remember always having drinks was my friend Chico [Wang].”

“Shelley Lubben puts out that it’s fun at the beginning and then you get tired of it. She should’ve known that going in. She’s going, ‘These guys just want to use you.’ No s—. I know. That’s what the sex industry is all about — what you do for me and what I do for you.”

“I like being sexy. It doesn’t matter where and when. It doesn’t matter if it is all taboo or if it is on Club Jenna’s set.

“She’s making everyone so bad for doing what they’re doing. I still want to do photography even if I’m not in porn. I still want to take sexy pictures of myself.”

Luke: “How has being in the industry affected you?”

Jasmine: “It really hasn’t. The only thing that affects me is the stress. There’s so much. And it doesn’t stop. It just keeps your mind going and going and going. It can be addicting but it doesn’t take over my world. I like to do other things. I’m pretty normal.”

Luke: “Did you lose any friends from your decision to get into this industry?”

Jasmine: “No. I was pretty much on my own when I went to college.”

“It doesn’t change anything. They don’t look at me any differently.”

Luke: “How did your family react?”

Jasmine: “I never told my dad. He would never ask. My mother knows. She doesn’t hate me. I’m still the same. I’m not messed up. I told her I could do anything I want. I just do porn. It’s no biggie.”

Luke: “How has it affected your love life?”

Jasmine: “I started a month before I met someone. I did it the whole time I had a boyfriend. It didn’t affect it at all. Over time, yeah, I broke up with him but it doesn’t make me not love anybody. I separate the sex from the love. It can just be fun.

“Shelley said having great sex with the person you love… You can. You can have one-time meetings with other people just for fun. It doesn’t have to mean anything. Sometimes people like to have sex with strangers, like swinging.

“She’s like, ‘You don’t know what good sex is.’ Yes, I do. Mixing your emotions with the business is something you can’t really do. You can’t be emotional and have sex with whoever you want. You shouldn’t mix love and sex.”

Luke: “How has it affected you to mix love and sex?”

Jasmine: “It’s my choice to be in an open relationship. We like to have sex with other people. Right now I’m not looking to be serious with anyone. I don’t sleep around as much as people think I do.”

Luke: “How’s Chico doing?”

Jasmine: “I don’t know. I think he left the country. The funny part is he didn’t tell me. He spaced himself out from other people.”

“We were friends but he kept his distance. I don’t know why. Maybe he stays at home by himself and doesn’t deal with things. He’s happy now he has a girlfriend [Hailey Page]. He just wanted someone there all the time. I was there but not enough.”

Luke: “What happened?”

Jasmine: “His girlfriend was abusing heroin. He spent so much money in trying to get her off. And then he heard that she had spent three days shooting up a week before they were supposed to get married.

“He told Hailey, ‘You’re coming on the boat with me tomorrow because I’m afraid you’re going to shoot up.’ She exaggerated and said he kidnapped her. She was trying to piss him off. And he’s trying to help her.

“Hailey had guns under her name. I think Chico got caught with a gun in the car. A felon with a gun is like a year in jail. He doesn’t want to go to jail. He left the country. He wanted to go anyway.

“He wrote a blog saying there’s violence in America while in China there’s not much violence and gangs. He wanted to keep doing his website. He was doing it for the fun, like I am. He wanted to do fun sites like PornoJackAss.”

Luke: “You’re one of the few people in the industry who stuck by him.”

Jasmine: “Yeah. I don’t know why. He confronts people. I told him, ‘Don’t even bother.’ He learned the lesson the hard way by having some guy say that Chico robbed his house.”

Jasmine wants to open a small shop.

Luke: “Did you save your money?”

Jasmine: “No. I was in a relationship and it was a learning process. I blew all of my money. I’m going to start all over again. I took time off to think of smarter ways to do it.”

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