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Jason Sechrest on Dustin Flynt



I’m sorry, I’m not usually this mean these days, but allow me to shed some light for those of you who don’t work in adult entertainment and know these people …which, I suppose is essentially the purpose of this site.

Dustin Flynt …is a douchebag. I’ve known him since I was 19.

He has the personality of Spencer Pratt ala his appearance on “Letterman” — but douchier.

He’s used the Larry Flynt name and brand to get him money and pussy without ever having to lift a finger and anyone who works in the Hustler offices will tell you that he and Jimmy have always been in and out of different branches of that business scheming ways to get more money and get more pussy for themselves.

Remember when The National Enquirer and Entertainment Weekly wrote stories about Snoop Dogg crashing my AVN Awards after party and being thrown out by Venetian Hotel security?

Well, what they didn’t tell you is that the reason for all of that was actually Dustin Flynt!

Constant readers will remember the story of how I told Snoop and his boys they were more than welcome to come hang out in my suite and I even gave them my bedroom for privacy. But when I went to my bedroom door to grab my laptop, I was stopped by Dustin and told it was no longer my room and that I was not allowed in!

He got his mingons to stand at my door with him and block it until I called security and had him removed along with everyone in the room.

That was my first of many encounters with Dustin Flynt and surprisingly, the rest were downhill from there.

But don’t take my word for it. Let’s take a little trip back even further to 1998 when Dustin Flynt was found passed out in that hotel parking lot with the stripper and arrested for having a rock of crack in his pipe.

This kid is a real class act!

If everyone in this business didn’t already dislike you, Dustin, one surefire way to get them to is to go after not only the person who gave you your start, but the person who gave us ours!

Take your dick nephew down, Larry. You should have a looooong time ago.

NL-I would love to hear more Dustin stories

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