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Jason Statham & Nick Manning are in Crank 2

NL-I am a big fan of Jason Statham and the DVD version of Crank 2 just came out. This press release says that NIck Manning is in the movie also. Anyone see him in it?

It may come as no surprise that the prolific Nick Manning has a new DVD release coming out, but this time the title isn’t available in the “Adult” section. The legendary performer is getting some mainstream love with an appearance in Lionsgate’s dynamic action sequel “Crank: High Voltage.”
The fast-paced over-the-top thriller stars Jason Statham and Amy Smart and hits stores on DVD and Blu-Ray September 8th.  Manning, who plays himself, is the leader of an angry porn actor’s picket line the protagonist encounters in the film. Manning isn’t the only face from the Adult industry in the film, Jenna Haze, Ron Jeremy, and several other household names also make an appearance.
Thanks to his cameo, he was noticed by mainstream director, and landed leading roles in two upcoming films. In one film, Manning will be starring in a SAG movie in Texas in February called Cherry Bomb. Manning plays Ian, a strip club owner opposite Jen Sturger who plays Cherry.  It’s a thriller with a twist. Manning also appears every Friday on the BIG MO RADIO SHOW in Cleveland.The segment is called “NICK BITCHES”, where Manning picks an economic or business related topic to rant about.
Manning also co starred in the big budget Hustler parody; “This Ain’t Star Trek XXX” as Captain Kirk’s arch-nemesis Khan.
His recent releases include “My Wife’s A Tramp” for Penthouse, Vivid Premium’s “The Pinch,” and “New Wave Hookers 4” for VCA.
Nick Manning is represented by L.A. Direct Models:
About Nick Manning
One of the industry’s most prolific male performers, Manning won an AVN award for “Best Male Newcomer” in 2003.  A successful director as well, his production company is BoneYard Pictures, he also owns shares of Platinum Blue productions. Along with performing in over 200 adult films, he has also worked as a fashion model and appeared on The Howard Stern show. He is known for his trademark catchphrase “Droppin’ loads.” He has appeared in such films as “Any Given Sunday” and is working on the upcoming film “The Ice Man”.  Manning has a new release out now for Hustler “This Ain’t The Partridge Family XXX” where he plays the lead character of the teen heartthrob portrayed by David Cassidy in the real series, and “This Ain’t Star Trek XXX”, where he portrays Khan.
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