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JAVFind Review (2020)

JAV Find

JAV is the abbreviated form of Japanese Adult Videos and is usually used to refer to Japanese adult sites.

Therefore, as you would guess, JAVFind is a site dedicated to porn videos that feature models of Japan.

Those people who drool over Japanese porn clips know that most of them are censored.

However, JAVFind has numerous uncensored porn videos, as well.

Moreover, the site has divided the content into uncensored and censored right from the start making it easy for the users.

JAVFind provides free content to the users, and this is the most impressive feature of this site. However, it does not mean that the quality of the videos is poor. There are lots of full-length HD porn scenes available on this site that can be used to satiate your innermost desires.​

Japanese babes usually have a lot of hair below their belly and this act as a turning point for many of us. Luckily, we see lots of hairy pussies on JAVFind, and these babes are always ready to take the pounding of their life and that too in all possible way.  

As the content is free, you will also have to bear with some pop-up ads. However, we assure you that there are limited ads and they do not disturb you much. Therefore, your overall video watching experience remains perfect.

As you would expect from a free porn portal, the design of JAVFind is not very impressive. However, you cannot rate it bad. Also, its clean layout and a user-friendly interface allow you to browse through the pages and categories without any issue.

Moreover, it provides a separate page of categories and model index that do your job easy while finding the content of your choice. JAVFind does not produce any videos of its own. It collects Japanese porn from different sources and classifies them into censored and uncensored porn.

As a result, you cannot expect to find exclusive porn clips and pictures here. The site has got a huge collection of Japanese adult videos, and most of them are hardcore scenes comprising of professional teens. In the categories section, you will find a separate category for amateur porn clips.

You can use this category to watch adult videos of fresh amateur babes. There are lots of scenes containing threesomes, creampies, POV, cum shot scenes, etc. As a result, you would love to spend your time here.

What makes JAVFind a special site?

If you enjoy watching Japanese babes getting fucked and savaged in every which way, then you should check JAVFind at least once. It has lots of erotic fetish scenes where you will see Japanese girls getting punished and relished by sex-deprived dudes.

There is some lesbian content as well for the ones who like to see two babes getting intimate with each other. Despite being a free site, JAVFind has got lots of categories and filters. You will find thousands of erotic porn clips here, which you can download or stream as per your liking.

JAVFind provides everything for free, which means that you won’t have to spend a single penny to get your daily dose of porn. Therefore, those people who do not like to pay for porn videos will love this aspect.

On JAVFind, you will find all kinds of Japanese babes i.e., slender, voluptuous, curvy, milfs with huge tits, and much more. These girls are extremely hot, and most of them are teens. You won’t find an advanced search option on this site, but there is a basic search option that works quite well.

Video Similar to Those in JAVFind

Some of the videos contain BDSM, role-play, etc. and therefore porn lovers who are fond of extreme hardcore sex videos will like them very much. There are some groping and gangbang sex scenes for the perverted minds and for the ones who need something extra to stimulate their sexual urges.

The overall quality of the videos is quite good. Also, many scenes are available in 1080p HD quality. Even some of the premium porn sites stream videos only up to 720p, but JAVFind allows you to both stream and download in 1080p quality. 

Some of the most famous Japanese AV idols can be found in the videos here.

Also, there are lots of amateur babes who know how to give you a throbbing erection. Each video has a unique plot and interesting portrayal of characters that enables them to give you a fantastic video watching experience.

Also, watching cute Japanese girls cross all their limits while having fun with their partners is a unique experience in itself. There are minor drawbacks to the design and layout of JAVFind, but you would expect it from a site that offers everything for free.

Moreover, it tries to cover all the hardcore sex niches to provide you an impressive collection of porn videos. All these exciting options and features make JAVFind a great site to hang on in your free time.

Site Statistics

  • Most popular models – Misato Nonomiya, Yuko Ohashi, Minami Kashii, Shizuka Ishikawa

  • Total number of scenes – 2K+ videos

  • The average length of videos – 20 minutes

  • Maximum resolution of videos – 1080 pixels

  • Download limit – No

  • Are photosets available? – No

  • DRM protection – N0

  • Bonus content – No

  • Bonus sites – No

  • Model index – Yes

  • Updates – JAVFind has stopped updating since quite some time

Website Performance Scores



Website Design

9 / 10

Content Updates

7 / 10

Quality Of Videos

9 / 10


10 / 10


8 / 10


9 / 10


10 / 10

Value For Money

10 / 10

Exclusivity Of Videos

7 / 10

User-Interface & Layout

8 / 10

Overall Score

87 / 100

Website Overview

Website address –

Average visits per month – 108.80K

JAVFind is like any other porn tube with lots of adult content.

It specializes in Japanese porn niches and offers various types of jaw-dropping sex scenes. 

The overall look and feel of this website is not extraordinary. However, it is entirely functional, and the navigation is quite smooth as well.

On the top right corner of the screen, you will find the basic search bar. On the right side of your screen, you will see a sidebar of categories. In all, there are 60 categories, and most of them are stimulating hardcore adult niches. On the homepage, you can access the latest uploads of JAVFind.

There is a page called ‘Top JAV’ in which stores the videos that are most liked and rated by the users. A page is dedicated to categories which enables easy access to all the popular porn categories.

The categories are not arranged in alphabetical order, and therefore, the new users might need some time to locate the exact place of their favorite porn categories. The video streaming player buffers the scenes rapidly and offers few control options to the users.

JAVFind offers a model index that allows you to browse the videos of your favorite porn stars. However, the information provided in their profile pages is limited. The videos have been sourced from the top Japanese adult sites.

As a result, you cannot expect the videos or even models of this site to be exclusive. On the top of the screen, you can also find a dedicated page for censored and uncensored porn clips.

If you want to explore unique porn content, then you can use the pages’ JavTube’ and ‘PornTube.’ JAVFind can be a place for individuals who love to watch different types of fetish videos like BDSM, role play, foot worship, etc. This porn portal does not host the videos since it is a porn tube.

Therefore, you might face many redirects while trying to watch the videos. Some people might find it extremely disturbing. Famous AV models like Yuko Ohashi, Yu Shinoda, Sumika Natori, and many others can be seen performing in the videos.

A specialty of these AV idols is that they have a cute and innocent face on a hot and voluptuous body! The profile of models does not feature any additional photos. The updates are quite irregular, which is a big concern for the users.

Also, they seem to have stopped uploading fresh content for quite a long time.

Pricing & Membership Fees

JAVFind is a free porn tube. Therefore, users need not to pay for exploring content or watching videos on this adult platform.


  • You get to enjoy a huge collection of Japanese erotic videos.

  • Featuring models in the videos are hot and kinky. They seem to be willing to push their limits to provide you a satiating video viewing experience.

  • JAVFind offers a lot of categories that help you to explore the huge video collection smoothly and effortlessly. Also, it offers many filters and options for making it easy to go through video collection.

  • JAVFind classifies censored and uncensored videos separately in two distinct categories. Therefore, you know whether you are watching censored scenes or uncensored scenes beforehand.

  • It has a nice mix of professional, semi-professional, and amateur sex scenes. As a result, we can say that it offers something for every porn lover.

  • People who love watching Japanese porn clips will find JAVFind perfect.

  • All the features and options of JAVFind are entirely free. Therefore, you don’t have to spend on anything.

  • The primary search option provides accurate results on most of the keywords.


  • JAVFind does not provide an advanced search feature to its users.

  • Many pop-up ads keep appearing while you surf the site. This can hamper your overall experience.

  • This site does not provide any bonus content, and  it is not a part of any network. Therefore, you neither get any additional content like adult pictures, live cams, etc. nor do you get access to the content of any porn network.

  • All the videos that are uploaded on this portal are not uncensored. Therefore, you might come across many videos that hide the private parts of the performers. This might deteriorate your video watching experience on JAVFind.

  • It provides a model index, but you will find limited information about the models when you click on their profiles.

  • The same thing can be said about the videos as little information is provided below the thumbnails. As a result, you will not be able to check the upload date, models those who are performing in them, etc.

  • The thumbnails are static, which means that you won’t get any preview of the videos before playing them.

  • JAVFind has already stopped updating fresh videos, and probably it will never update it again. This can be quite depressing for porn lovers, especially when they have gone through most of the scenes.

  • A dedicated customer support service is not provided to the users as it is a free porn site. Also, there are few options when it comes to contacting their customer support team.

  • The website of JAVFind needs to be structured and designed in a better way.


Several porn tube sites excel in Japanese porn content. JavFinder is an adult portal that is quite similar to JAVFind. It comprises full-length Japanese adult clips, and it also provides multiple downloading options. Moreover, it consists of a large roaster of adult idols and offers a lot of options to porn lovers.

However, JavFinder has numerous adverts that can be quite annoying at times, and JAVFind scores over it in this aspect. Similarly, JavDoe is a free porn portal that has thousands of Japanese porn clips. You can find some of the kinkiest and erotic hardcore porn niches on this porn portal. However, it has a poor layout, and the details of some clips are written in Japanese. Also, it has lots of adverts that can frustrate users.

JavGuru has hundreds of Japanese and Asian adult content. Moreover, all its features are free, and it even has hundreds of porn categories that make video browsing a lot easier. However, some of the users have suffered from malware attacks, and mutiple fishy ads.

Therefore, we can say that it is not a secure porn site. On the other hand, the website of JAVFind is protected through HTTPS security encryption.

Also, it is entirely harmless and offers many user-friendly features. Therefore, we can conclude that JAVFind proves to be better than most of the free porn tubes, especially when it comes to Japanese adult content.

Customer Support

You won’t find much in JAVFind when it comes to customer support and services. However, there are some FAQs, and you can also submit your feedback and queries through the ‘Contact’ page.

Final Verdict

You cannot expect many features and filters when it comes to a free porn portal. However, JAVFind does provide a lot of options to porn lovers. Moreover, it has a sizeable collection of high definition porn clips. Also, you can find many full-length adult scenes on this site.

You can operate JAVFind from your desktop or laptop. However, there is no need to worry if you don’t have them since it can be managed through mobile as well. There are numerous seductive and erotic Japanese models performing for you in the scenes.

Also, it is an entirely safe and secure site. All these features enable us to recommend this site for individuals who love Japanese porn.

Parting words

The porn addicts don’t have to think much before using JAVFind since it is a free porn tube. However, remember that this site provides only Japanese porn. As a result, you won’t find babes of European, American, Russian, or any other origin.

Also, there are few ads and disturbing re-directs that can bother you while watching videos. Therefore, we recommend you remember all of this and to be a bit careful while exploring this adult portal.

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