Jax Slayher Of Hussie Models Accused Of Sexual Assault

Maya Kendrick took to Twitter this afternoon to talk about an incident with Jax Slayer of Hussie Models, and her then agent, Riley Reynolds, owner of Hussie Models.

Maya then posted a text exchange with Riley Reynolds.

I’ve heard rumblings about this for a long time.  Jax Slayher is one of the Hussie All-Stars. And by All-Stars I mean one of the many men involved with Hussie who should be in prison. In addition, Hussie’s license disappeared from the State of California database over the weekend and is still missing as of post time.

I would quote Major Benson Winifred Payne and say “I suggest we get this party started.” but I think Maya said it best:jax slayher

In Progress…




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