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Jayden Jaymes and Jayden Cole SUE Over Dana Dearmond’s New Show

Adult Stars Jayden Jaymes and Jayden Cole to Take Action Against SexSquad Infringement:

Jayden Jaymes and Jayden Cole debuted their podcast entitled SexSquad in late December, 2011, on the DEATHSQUAD network, owned and operated by Brian “Redban”, who also produces the popular ‘Joe Rogan Experience’. And, in early April, 2012, Jaymes and Cole revamped show and debuted on the more distinguished Toad Hop Network. ‘The Jaydens’, as they’re referred to on the network, decided to make the move due to “a lack of professionalism on Redban’s part.”

Jaymes took to her notorious blog to discuss the details behind the move to the new network, stating that Redban said “people disliked [the show]” and it was “hard to get Redban to return a call or text about getting into the studio”. After six weeks of not hearing from the producer, Jaymes and Cole took up an offer from the Toad Hop Network to move the show.

“The Toad Hop Network is extremely professional. They have a great team running the studio, and we got exactly what we wanted in the first place: A weekly late-night sex talk show.” says Cole.

However, after hearing of the news that Jaymes and Cole had moved on and taken the name of their show with them, Redban was not thrilled. In her blog, Jaymes says that Redban called the Toad Hop Network to “cry” about the use of the name, which caused the premiere of the new SexSquad show to be postponed.

“After all of the unnecessary drama that Redban caused for us, embarrassing us in front of our new business partners, I knew we were in for a fight.” claims Jaymes. “I had already filed for the trademark of the name of our show, but just to avoid any more unwanted attention, we’ve temporarily substituted the name of the show with /Seks•Skwäd/ to get him off our backs.”

Things seemed to have cooled down after the premiere of the new show for The Jaydens, until they discovered that Redban has launched a new SexSquad show on his network, pegging adult film star Dana Dearmond as the new host.

Jaymes says that she had approached Redban and informed him of the pending federal trademark of the name ‘SexSquad’ as an entertainment talk show broadcast over television, radio and internet, and claims that she asked him to desist in the use of the name as she did not want to have to get lawyers involved. “I told him that I didn’t want things to get ugly and to just let it be. But all he has to say is ‘you can’t trademark words!’, whatever that means. I guess it goes to show you his lack of intelligence and why it has come to this.”

Jaymes and Cole have discussed the matter with the attorney handling the trademark of the name of the talk show and a cease and desist letter on behalf of the women will be delivered to the DEATHSQUAD studios.

Jaymes and Cole both agree, “What he’s doing is juvenile and just shows his lack of intelligence over the situation. We’ll just have to let our attorney take over from here. If we have to take it further than a cease and desist letter, we will. And we hope that Dana can understand the issue here and not take it personally.”

Jayden Jaymes and Jayden Cole’s SexSquad can be heard/seen on every Tuesday night from 11:00pm to midnight, PST.

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