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Jayden Jaymes is a F’king Princess and she is Pissed!

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Jayden James Writes about her bad F-ing day on her blog

Friday, February 06, 2009

Current mood:  grumpy


So, one of the biggest internet companies in the world booked me for a scene today. They apparently are allowing a new production company to shoot for them here in LA. OMG!!! I had the worst day today!!!

First off, I had my MTV guys following me around today and I was utterly embarrassed!!!

I pull up at the address given to me… It’s an APARTMENT COMPLEX! Nothing against apartments… I live in one. But… for a shoot with several people (talent, crew, etc.) to meet at… NO GOOD! This complex is in the ghetto of North Hollywood, and, to top it off, the only parking was on the street! I had the nicest car around and I honestly didn’t want to leave it because it was just ‘one of those areas’ you don’t leave your car! lol

Anyway… I was irritated at the fact that this HUGE company was allowing this. Where they’re stationed, they have a HUGE warehouse for the girls, including a girls-only spa to relax in! It’s insane. And THIS is what I had to work with in LA???

Okay, whatever. I figured I’d go in, sign paperwork, and we’d move on to location to shoot. No problem. Everyone seemed really nice and it was an easy in-and-out process. Now, off to set…

WOW!!! WE HAD TO DRIVE OURSELVES an hour into Inglewood!!! If you don’t know LA… Inglewood, well, isn’t the most upscale place. But we tried to move past it. Us girls (the talent) took one car and talked shit the whole time we drove. No one was happy about the ‘location’. It wasn’t necessarily the city, it was the fact that it took us an hour to get there! Geez!

So we pull up at this ‘clothing store’ that we’re supposed to shoot at… OMFG!!! “Top Notch Gee Spot Clothing and Accessories”. WOW!!! It was this little hole-in-the-wall shop, behind a hole-in-the-wall ‘restaurant’. Plus, there were about 7 big black dudes outside. (Absolutely NOTHING against black guys… most of you have seen pics of my exes! I like ’em!) But, it’s a little scary for 3 little white girls to pull up in a back alley and have a bunch of big dudes stare at you. Anyway, one of the assistants meets us outside and takes us in. Again… OMFG!!! It’s DIRTY!!! Stained carpets, dirty walls, bad smell, and knock-off Echo t-shirts and True Religion jeans! I had to pee really bad, so I was escorted OUTSIDE to a public restroom, in which the light switch didn’t work and there were no windows, so I had to LEAVE THE DOOR OPEN for light!

I went back, grabbed my phone, and sat in the car. I called my manager. Basically, here’s my beef:

I understand that we’re shooting amateur porn. That’s fine. But let’s not be cheap about it! I personally know the OWNER of this company and he’d be pissed if he knew about this! So anyway, I explained my surrounds to my manager. I told him that we’re girls… we need bathrooms, well, for everything: mirrors, toilets, etc. We need to be taken care of… we’re girls!!! We’re all fucking princesses!!! To top it off, it’s just not sanitary! It was dirty, there were a lot of random guys standing around (who, I learned, we’re just friends of the crew, hanging out!), and just a lack of class coming from such a big company. I know it’s porn, but there’s ghetto, and there’s the norm. I know this company very well and I know them better than that! My manager didn’t quite understand why I wasn’t willing to shoot there… Ummm, hello?!?!?! I don’t want to get hepititis!!! Duh!!! (I know, bad joke, but I’m trying to paint you a picture of what this place looked like!)

Anyway, I immediately called the head-honchos of this company, back on the east coast. They seemed just as appalled as I was! Good! They told me not to worry, to go home and they’d take care of everything and spoil me next time I was in their area (which they’re flying me out in March!). Thank God, right?! Done, over with, taken care of!


This particular production company’s production manager calls me: “What exactly is the problem? Why don’t you want to shoot?” I explain EVERYTHING to her. “Well, what’s the problem?” Are you serious? IT’S DISGUSTING, IT’S UNSANITARY, and frankly, IT’S DISRESPECTFUL to even bring us here to shoot in conditions like this!

As I’m talking to her on the phone, some random guy (one of the “friends” that was hanging out) opens the car door and starts asking me something. Of course, I’m on the phone, so I look at him and hold up a finger, the universal signal of ‘give me just a minute, I’m on the phone’… HE STARTS YELLING AT ME!!! “This is a professional set and you’re on the phone while I’m trying to talk to you…” I looked at him and replied, “If this were a ‘professional set’, I wouldn’t be having this conversation with your production manager right now!” His reply? “Then fucking leave!” Are you kidding me??? I don’t even know who this guy is and he yells at me as I’m trying to take care of business!!! Wow!!!

By the way, in case you forgot… MTV IS FILMING ALL OF THIS!!!

So, the director comes out… He’s nice, he asks what’s wrong… I was very polite and we had a calm discussion about how I was uncomfortable and outside my element, and I just didn’t think it was a good place to shoot. I even told him if he ever needed a boutique to shoot at, I could hook him up with some IN THE VALLEY, so we wouldn’t have to travel an hour to a piece of shit place. We shook hands and went our separate ways.

I guess the other two girls decided to stay and shoot the seen. Hey… to each their own! I hopped in the car with the MTV crew and left.

But one last thing… As MTV is driving me to my car, I’m asked about my conversation with the director. I say that it went good and he understands where I’m coming from and it’s all good.

“Really? ‘Cuz he just went back in there and told everyone ‘She doesn’t like black people, she’s leaving!’”

WOW!!! Really?!?!?! What have I been saying: UNPROFESSIONAL!!!

Like I said, this company absolutely LOVES me and I’m really good friends with EVERYONE there at headquarters… I think this particular production company just lost a HUGE account!

So, that was my day.

I have a very bad reputation in this business for being a diva… or a bitch… or whatever. This is why! And was I really wrong here? Because I have some standards and I stand up for myself? If being a strong person is what gives me my bed rep, then so be it!

Hope everyone’s day was better than mine!

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