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Jayden Jaymes- The Definition of Douche Bag


Definition of ‘Douche Bag’…

by Jayden Jaymes from her myspace page.

About six months ago, I met this guy. Wait… Before I go any further, let me explain how we ‘met’… LOL!
So, I’m traveling with my friend Lynda. I’m up in the hotel room and she’s in the lobby talking to the front desk. This guy, ‘Art’, approaches her. “Hey, you’re Jayden’s friend, right?”

“Ummm… Yeah…“Oh, hi! I’m Art… I’m a friend of *****’s…” Blah, blah, blah…
So, Lynda gets back to the room and starts telling me that she met my friend Art. I’m looking at her funny and I finally speak up: “Who’s Art?”
“He says he knows you. He’s one of *****’s friends. He approached me in the lobby….”

Anyway, we get to talking a little and I have absolutely no idea who this guy is, but apparently we have some of the same friends. But how the hell did he know who Lynda was? He’s never met me, let alone my friend, and how did he know she was with me there? Weird!

So, we attend the event that we’re there to attend and, what do you know? He has the seats right next to us! Geez! He introduced himself to me and whatnot (Yeah, I had never met him before, just to confirm it.), and then he continues to talk throughout the entire event. Seriously, he never shut up! He was one of those name dropper kind of people! “I know this person and that person, and I got the hookups with this company and that club…” He even went as far as to bring up my work (which, I hadn’t mentioned… He knew!) and told me and my friend about a makeup artist that he ‘hooks up’ with. (It just so happened that we both know that makeup artist and he didn’t have a chance in hell with her! And she later confirmed that he NEVER happened! lol.) I mean, the guy would just not shut about about how cool he thought he was! OH MY GOD! (It wasn’t until dinner the next night with everyone MINUS HIM that my friend and I were filled in: He’s one of those ‘friends’ that is really irritating and always mooching off everyone and people are nice to him because he’s really never done anything wrong but still everyone talks shit behind his back. You know the kind! lol.) So, before this event is even over, Art keeps trying to get Lynda and I to leave with him and head to the after party. Ummm… NO! I told him we had a car waiting for us and we’re going with the official sponsors of the event. (And he thought HE had the hookups… Ha! That shut him up pretty quick!)

Oh, it also turns out that homeboy didn’t have quite the hookups that he thought he did because he sure had a hell of a time trying to get into our VIP section at the club… Even though he was ‘best friends’ with all everyone there!

Moving on… I got a text about an hour ago… Something like, “I was approached by one of *****’s friends and he asked if I banged you.” Mind you, my friend that sent me this text is over on the East coast right now and we all live in California. So that’s just weird. Then, I get a little more info and I guess he asked straight asked my friend if he fucked me in this particular city that we were all in that night! WOW!!! Who actually asks a question like that??? That can’t possibly be a normal thing that one guy asks another guy that he doesn’t really know, can it? I mean, that’s just RUDE! And I think about it a little, and the guy’s just a fucking douche bag, that’s clear! But to me, all I’m thinking is: This guys knows I’m a porn star, so he probably just assumes that I would’ve fucked him anyway. Plus, since I’m a porn star, it’s okay to asks things like that since I’m just a whore and I don’t have any feelings anyway, right? It’s not like I’m a real person or anything anyway, right? Honestly, if I were just another girl with a ‘normal’ job (as according to society standards), a question like that would’ve never been asked under such circumstances. It’s one thing for close FRIENDS to say something like, “Dude, I saw you left the bar with that hot blonde last night… So, did you bang her?” But you don’t ask someone that you don’t know if he fucked a porn stat that you also don’t know. (I feel like I’m rambling… Did that make sense???)

I would’ve LOVED to have been there and fucking punched him! (Of course, given the event/circumstances, my friend couldn’t… DAMNIT! lol.)

Anyway, the whole purpose to be blabbing on and on right now was just because I’m irritated. (Damn mother nature! lol.) But honestly, I think that a lot of brainless people, like this guy, think like this. I mean, y’all wouldn’t believe the amount of fucking RETARDED questions that I get on a daily basis (as I’m sure a lot of porn girls do): How many times a day do you have sex? How many times a day do you finger yourself? How many guys have you fucked in one day? Have you ever gone a day without fucking someone? I have an eight inch cock… Wanna come fuck me?

Are you fucking kidding me??? Yeah, I’m this big fucking whore running naked up and down Ventura Blvd. in broad daylight looking for guys to screw because I just can’t get enough dick!

Seriously?!?!?! I know I have a pretty good sized following, and people that actually read my blogs and pay attention know me and know that I’m the complete polar opposite. I have a JOB, like everyone else. I go, I do it, I get paid, and I want to go home and get on with my life. I’m single, yes, but I’m not easy. I don’t go to bars looking for a hookup. The only sex I ever have is on camera. I don’t sleep with someone unless I really know them and really like them. Again, it’s just a fucking job… It has absolutely no reflection on who I am as a person… Get over it!

I do know that it takes a certain kind of person (a ‘different’ kind of person) to be able to do what I (what WE) do. It really does. It takes a STRONG person to be able to separate yourself like that and be able to draw a line between the two. And this is where the good get separated from the bad (the crackhead whores, as most like to say). I’ve managed to keep my two lives separate and live a pretty “normal” life outside of work… That is, until douche bags start asking dumbass questions like the aforementioned!

I know it’s never going to be a successful measure, but I’d love if the entire world just opened their eyes, their minds and their hearts and could accept ‘different’ people and treat them like ‘regular/normal’ people. We all have minds, hearts, feelings, and souls on the inside… Show a little bit of respect!
*A side note on why I think I flipped out a little over this guy Art: I really like this ‘friend’ of mine. And I mean I REALLY like him. And it’s a fucking stupid comment like that that I think would make my friend second guess me and what he could be possibly getting himself into a little. I don’t want that nor do I need that in my life as I’m sure he doesn’t want/need that in his life.

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