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Jayden Simone Interview

We talk on the Penthouse set June 13. Video

In porn for a month, Jayden Simone grew up in Ohio. She lost her virginity at 15. 

“I went to modeling school at 15.”

Upon turning 18, she started posing nude.

She came to Los Angeles with a friend to enter porn.

Then her friend dropped out.

Luke: “How many orgasms have you had this week?”

Jayden: “None.”

Luke: “When did you last have an orgasm?”

Jayden: “Before I came out here.”

In her spare time, Jayden likes to play the violin.

Before porn, she slept with seven men and four women.

Luke: “How would your best friends describe you?”

Jayden: “As mean and goofy. If I don’t know somebody, I’m totally rude.”

Luke: “Have you ever encountered racism?”

Jayden: “No.”

She wants to become a criminal defense lawyer.

A bloke: “Who are you working with today?”

Jayden: “James Deen.”

Bloke: “Are you looking forward to it?”

She thinks about it and then says, “Yeah. I guess.”


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