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Jeff Mullen in Answer to Giana’s “Disrespect”- UPDATE

Jeff Mullen writes-

Geez, I never accused the show of doing any of that. I read Giana Taylor’s words about Not the Cosbys XXX and wanted to give a quick response.

Since when was our story on Not the Cosbys XXX not winning an Urban X Award negative and disrespectful? It was a tongue-in-cheek parody-like news story so I can’t imagine why the super-beautiful Giana Taylor would be upset please re-read it. I would never disrespect a woman like that or an awards show. Now what other people blogged or commented about on other sites is not in my control but I had a wonderful time at the Urban X Awards and plan to attend next year as well.

As for Not the Cosbys XXX not winning an Urban X Award that is really not a problem at all and if they didn’t receive our DVD or my words that Thomas Ward (Cliff Huxtable) would bring the house down as a presenter at their awards show (Misty Stone AKA Denise Huxtable was on their stage) then I can understand them not putting our movie on their nomination list to consider. I know they certainly knew about Not the Cosbys XXX but if exact protocol was not followed I can totally see their point of leaving it off their nom list.

I do know however, that if I was having an award show for golfers and we hadn’t received Tiger Woods’ request for nomination consideration as Best Golfer, I would still make damn sure to put him on the nominations list. Now, I am not comparing Not the Cosbys XXX with Tiger Woods acclaim….on second thought yes as a matter of fact I am. Not the Cosbys XXX is the ‘Tiger Woods’ of porn. (That’s an LOL by the way) Now go out and buy the movie and stop downloading it for free.

Jeff Mullen

NL- Gotta add my own two cents here. That press release from Giana came from Galaxy Promotions which is owned by James Bartholet. Bartholet appears in almost all of Jeff Mullen’s movies. I would think Bartholet would let Jeff know about it, and perhaps put Jeff & Giana together to talk about it before Bartholet puts out a press release slamming one of his biggest supporters. BUT obviously I would think wrong cuz Bartholet put it out, and Jeff did not know about it ahead of time, or Jeff wouldn’t be writing a response about it on my site.

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