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Jeff Mullen responds to BW on Larry Flynt

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I read your column quoting Joe Brandi  tearing into Larry Flynt and I felt compelled to respond. First off, anybody that would write such a horrific account of a man who did so much to pave the way for others to succeed in this industry is an absolute idiot.

I don’t know Joe Brandi at all and I doubt if he is of any importance to the machinery that drives our industry but he is certainly entitled to write his opinion however moronic it is.

As a director, producer and company owner, I do a large amount of work with Hustler Video and my company X-Play continually produces top-selling adult movie parodies. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Larry Flynt and most in this industry should also so it makes me a little bit angry when I see such vial opinions expressed in such a fashion from a man on the low end of the porn totem pole.

Message to Joe Brandi: Try to have a little bit of respect for the people that deserve it because they are entitled to it and if all porn movies were devoid of pirate ships, implanted computer chips, girls on roller skates, corrupt politicians, bewitching witches, and Marcia Jan, Cindy, Greg, Peter and Bobby, the adult movie landscape would be a little less exciting.

Write what you will as this is a still somewhat of a free country (Thanks to men like Larry Flynt by the way) but to have zero respect for this man shows your are a dunce and not worthy of your pen. 

Now to show you that I am a reasonable man, I am inviting you as my personal guest to our upcoming Not Bewitched XXX Heaven & Hell Bash Halloween night at Social October 31st in Hollywood so that you can have at least one night filled with something other than anger, jealously and resentment. I will even buy you some drinks since I can afford to pay for them because people are buying our sex- comedy movies in big numbers.

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