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Jeff’s Newest Parody- Jennifer Lopez/American Idol

NL- Jeff’s newest Parody is timely to say the least! This box is a mock up, I can’t wait to see the final!

‘Not Jennifer Lopez XXX an American Idol’ Parody Coming from X-Play

(Hollywood, CA) Ever since superstar Jennifer Lopez became a judge on the top-rated television show American Idol her popularity has soared and now adult movie director Will Ryder is set to release a dirty spoof of the girl known as J-Lo when ‘Not® Jennifer Lopez XXX: An American Idol’ hits stores April 28th from X-Play/ Digital Sin.
The movie pokes sexy fun at the singer/dancer/actress who each week is watched by millions of television viewers as a judge on America’s biggest talent show.  The hilariously dirty porn parody movie also showcases the best hardcore sex ever shot by the 2010 AVN director of the year and promises to be one of the major blockbusters of 2011.
“Not only is this a beautifully shot movie with wonderful locations there is fantastic banging taking place including some awesome three-ways and gorgeous lesbian sex,” stated Will Ryder as he stood in line at Frye’s electronic store purchasing a cattle prod to be used on non-compliant actresses.
Starring Latina sex kitten Renae Cruz, Not Jennifer Lopez XXX: an American Idol tells the entertaining story of radical extremists who pledge to renounce terrorism worldwide if Jennifer whom they refer to as “J-Ho from American Idol” sings a live private concert for members of Al Queda in the hot Iraqi desert.
Because she has previously only lip-synced her songs when in concert, Jennifer turns down the offer for fear of singing off key putting world peace at risk creating havoc and rampant wild sex worldwide.
The first trailer will be revealed in 10 days but it is safe to say that this might be the most wonderfully insane porn movie ever shot.  Not Jennifer Lopez XXX: An American Idol will be in stores April 28th from X-Play/Digital Sin.
Currently X-Play the creators of Not the Bradys XXX is enjoying excellent sales of two Charlie Sheen inspired movies both starring Bree Olson.  Not Charlie Sheen’s House of Whores XXX and Not Bionic Woman & the Six Million Dollar Man XXX both available from Digital Sin.  The movies are doing so well in fact that X-Play is co-hosting a Charlie Sheen Winning porn party Friday, March 25th at R-Lounge in Studio City, California with OC Modeling, King Ryan Events and PornStar Tweet.
‘Not Jennifer Lopez XXX: An American Idol’ will be in stores April 28th from X-Play

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