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Jelena Jensen- “I Take Great Pleasure in Making a Girl Cum”

Exclusive Interview with  Jelena Jensen by Jon of

1 What was it like shooting with Andrew Blake?
A dream come true!  At that time he was very selective in who he shot and 
did 5 days shoots for a single movie.  I was actually supposed to be in Hard
Edge but I was still in college at the time and shooting dates conflicted
 with school, so I couldn’t do it.  But in October 2003, after I had
  graduated, he brought me on to shoot for Naked Diva.  It was a great
 experience and I loved being a part of something so artistic.  It was my
 first time working on a non-photoshoot or internet project so it was 
definitely a learning experience.

2 How did you meet your friend Aria Giovanni and what do you like
 about working with her ?
I first met Aria while shooting for Suze Randall.  I had never shot with
 another girl before and I was not only shooting with Aria, but also with 
Sophia Santi.  It was a four girl photoshoot that HBO was doing behind the
 scenes on for Pornocopia.  I wasn’t shooting with girls but Suze hand
 selected the three of us and really wanted me to do it.  So I said yes.  I
 didn’t think that Aria liked me because she barely spoke to me that day. 
Then a few months later she called me to ask me to shoot with her for her
 site and we ended up talking on the phone for almost two hours.  And then 
when I shot Naked Diva for Andrew Blake she was also there all five days so 
we spent a lot of time together.  After being booked together all the time
 we naturally became friends.  And it’s grown over time to where she’s been 
my best friend for a while now.  I love shooting with her because it’s always a blast.  We constantly joke around and laugh.  Sometimes it poses a 
problem because it’ll take us longer to shoot since we’re messing around so 

3 What were your limits in lesbian scenes in the six years leading up to 2010?
I only shot softcore.  No actual sex, no penetration, no toys, no going down
 on each other.

4 Why did you decide to go all the way in 2010 and why did you choose Sandee Westgate to be the first ?
I had been shooting boy/girl on my site for about nine months and just
 decided that maybe I should try shooting girl/girl as well.  I had only had 
sex with women twice before this shoot and both times weren’t the best
 experiences.  I was kind of turned off from it and that’s why I never did 
it.  I figured that I could shoot it for my site first so that if I didn’t
 like it and decided not to release it, then no worries.  But it was 
obviously a good experience and I’ve kept shooting girl/girl.  I chose
 Sandee because I really like her…not only as a fellow adult star, but as a 
person.  We’ve known each other for years but had never shot together except
 for some promo shots years ago.  We’ve always gotten along really 
well, she’s super sweet and I think she’s absolutely gorgeous.  I wanted to 
do my first shoot with someone that I was attracted to but who would also be 
easy on my for my first time!  I couldn’t have picked someone better than
 Sandee…she was great!

5 You’re very popular with Girlfriends Films and it’s fans . How did
 you get to work with them ?
The fans on the Girlfriends Films forum had been requesting me for a
while…as soon as they heard I was shooting hardcore girl/girl scenes.  It
 took a while for me and Dan, the owner, to get in touch.  When we did, we 
booked two days in September 2010 during my upcoming trip to LA.  That’s 
when I shot with Dana DeArmond and Avy Scott.  He said that they typically
 don’t book a girl they haven’t shot yet for more than one day, but since 
everyone was asking them to shoot me, that he would take the chance and book 
me for the two days.  Before my scene on the second day he asked when I was 
coming back to LA again and if I wanted to book another two days during that
 trip.  And after my scene he asked if I wanted to book a third day.  We’re a
 good fit…they’re my favorite company to work for now and they obviously
 like booking me.  I’ll be shooting with them until I decide to retire.

6 What can you remember about shooting your first scene for GFF with
Dana Dearmond ?

How caught up and in the moment we got.  It was a very passionate scene.  I 
met Dana at Naughty America during the live show days and instantly had a 
girl crush on her!  Dana is amazing and I really, really, really wanted to
 shoot with her.  She was my first choice for Girlfriends Films.  The one 
thing I remember about the scene was going down on her and every time I 
looked up she just looked so HOT!  Her eyes suck you in.

7 Why did you pick Andy San Dimas & Avy Scott to do scenes with and
 why were they so enjoyable?

I chose Avy Scott because the Girlfriends Films fans on the forum had been
requesting us to shoot together.  And I’m glad they did because she was a
good choice.  Avy really knows how to take charge and I loved being her sub
for the scene.  Super hot!  I chose Andy San Dimas because Dana DeArmond 
told me that I’d love to work with her and she highly recommended Andy.
 Andy is so beautiful and sexy it’s ridiculous.  I’ve since worked with her 
again and she’s definitely my favorite to work with.  I could make out with 
her for days and days!

8 Was your 2nd time with Ryan Keely better than the your second hard core girl girl shoot in 2010 ?

Every time shooting with her is always a great time.  I wouldn’t say that 
the second time was better because when we shot together the first time for 
our sites with Tammy Sands, we did two scenes together in the same day.  And
one of those was with toys.  There’s something exhilarating about working
 with a woman for the very first time and feeling out what she likes and what
 gets her going.  The toy scene we did together was great because I could 
feel how hard she was cumming.


9 What did you like about working with Sara Stone ?
Playing with her big boobs!  Now I know what it’s like for others when they
 shoot with me!  Plus we’ve known each other for years from working together 
at Playboy TV a couple times and the fans had been asking for us to shoot
 together for a long time so it was an enjoyable experience overall.

10 The fans have noticed that you have a devious smirk on your face
 during your scenes . What were you thinking about ?
I’m never thinking about the same thing every time I’m shooting.  Most of 
the time I’m just focused on the scene and the performance.  When shooting
 with women I’m really focused on making her cum.  I find that to be the best 
part of shooting with women…the challenge of making them cum.

11 Will you be working with KissMe Girl ? Which of these three girls ,
Taylor Vixen , Justine Jolie and Zoe Britton, would you like to do
 your first scene with and why ?
Justine Joli because we’re actually personal friends outside of the 
industry.  We’ve known each other for so long and I’d love to work with her
 again because it’s been way too long since we shot together.

12 Your scene with Ann Marie Rios for Brazzers was described as the 
hottest lesbian scene of 2010 ? What do you remember about it ?
Ann Marie and I have actually known each other for years but had never
 worked together since I had been doing softcore for so long.  It was a great
 scene and I loved working with her.  In the scene I was the dominant one and 
there was this great moment when I demanded that she tell me she loves 
me…and she did.  It was great and the director loved it.  He raved about 
it afterwards because it was perfect for the scene.

13 What are some of the tips and techniques you’ve learned about 
pleasuring a woman from your on screen appearances ?
Every woman is different so you have to feel her out and see what she likes.
I guess I’m good at what I do because Prinzzess said that I’m now her 
favorite girl to work with and Shyla Jennings recently said that it had been 
a long time since a girl made her cum the way that I did.  I really take
 great pleasure in making a girl cum…I think when it comes to my girl/girl
scenes I’m more of a giver!

14 Which directors would you like to work with in the future and why ?

I don’t really have any specific directors that I would like to work with.
 Maybe just some studios that I have yet to work with, like Adam & Eve and 

15 What’s your favorite part of your body and your favorite part of
other women’s bodies and why ?
I really like my nose.  I’m sure that it’s not the typical answer, but I’ve
 always liked my nose and have even been asked by other models if I’ve gotten
a nose job because it’s perfectly shaped.  But I haven’t…I’ve never had
 any plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures done.  I’m 100% all natural.  I
 love the feel of another woman’s skin…that would have to be my favorite. 
I’m also a lover of boobs.  Small, natural ones to be more precise.  I think 
because I can play with my own all the time I enjoy playing with small ones more.

16 What’s your favorite sex toy and why ?
Just a traditional vibrator or hitachi.  Either one will do the trick!  But
I much prefer the real thing!

17 What are your favorite fetishes and why ? Are there fetishes you’d 
like to try ?
I wouldn’t really say that I have any specific fetishes.  I’m usually always
willing to try everything once, and have almost tried everything already,
but when it comes down to it I’m a fan of good old fashioned sex.

18  Can you tell us something about your site and what members can see there
I’ve run my site, , for the past 6 years on my own.  It’s
 the only place that you can see my boy/girl scenes as I don’t shoot boy/girl
for other companies.  I update five days a week and the majority of it is 
exclusive content that you can’t see anywhere else.  I also do weekly live
shows, with two a month being live boy/girl shows.

19 What videos should we look out for in the next few months ?
I’m not sure what all will be coming out in the near future, but I do know
that I’m going to be in the next installment of NetSkirts for Girlfriends
Films.  And I believe that I’m in two scenes in it…one with Prinzzess and
one with Nina Mercedez.

20 Where can people find you on the net ?
My official website… 

[email protected]

March 2010 Penthouse Pet – 2010 Xbiz Web Babe of the Year – 2010 Xfanz Web
Babe of the Year

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