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Jenevieve Hexxx Rips Off Publicist Erika Icon

Another example of some of the fucked up shit that goes down on the business site of porn.

So Jenevieve hires The Rub PR, my favorite pr company by the way :),  this arrangement went on for roughly 7 months…

Now this was come as no surprise to some, but Jenevieve  is not the “easiest” person to get along with, in fact some would she’s down right crazy..  According to my sources deep inside the Pentagon, Erika and her agreed to part ways…All good right?

Nope, like any bad breaker upper, Jenevieve Hexxx was all, “If I cant have her as my publicist no one can,” she then waited outside Erika house and shot her 9 times..

Not I made that up, but what she did do was allegedly reach out to the payment processor who handled her payments to Erika and said they were unauthorized.. So they charged back like 3 months worth of payments..I’m told it was over a thousand bucks.

Sounds like a pretty clear case if theft of services if you ask this Emmy nominated journalist.

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