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Jenna Haze Topless with Ex-Gossip Girl

Taylor Momsen and Jenna Haze

In a spread for FHM magazine, pornstar Jenna Haze gets up close and personal with just-turned-18 actress, Taylor Momsen. Momsen became famous for her role as Jenny Humphrey on the hit TV show Gossip Girl, but nowadays you can find her on the stage in provocative lingerie fronting her band The Pretty Reckless.

Momsen’s transformation from good girl to straight-up bad ass has garnered her a lot of media attention. She was quoted in the magazine saying, “My biggest thing is be yourself. Be yourself and if people don’t like you, then they can suck a d*ck.”

And on her new “stripper” style: “I love stripper shoes and I always try to find the tallest ones. I’m always surprised no one talks about my shoes,” she says.

The magazines shot a house party pictorial for Momsen’s interview and the actress/rockstar invited her friend Haze on set. “I’m like Taylor’s video girl,” explains Jena Haze “Hip hop guys have girls with big butts in theirs, Taylor has me.”

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