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Jenna Jameson Arrested!

Topless Mugshot Pornstar Jenna Jameson was arrested late last night after crashing her car head on into a pole. Not that kind of pole, just the regular type you find on the streets of California that cast light so you can see where you’re going or in this case, what you happen to be careening into.

That kind of thing.

Reports have been coming in since early this morning that the 38yr old pornstar, whose full name is Jenna Marie Massoli, was visible drunk when the police arrived at the scene and failed the field sobriety test she was given. She was arrested for misdemeanor suspicion of DUI. Though Jameson will likely just be cited and released.

Jameson, who is quite possibly the most famous pornstar in the world, retired from the porn industry in 2008. Jameson, who has been married three times, is currently with her third husband, famed UFC fighter, Tito Ortiz. The couple have two twin boys, Jesse Jameson and Journey Jette.

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