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Jenna Jameson is a Sugar Momma?

Tito & Jenna vs Jay Grdina


OP-ED by Darrah Ford of

Tito is promoting his new book “This is Gonna Hurt: The Life of a Mixed Martial Arts Champion” and needs publicity for it and in an interview with Steve Cofield of ESPN Radio 1100 in Las Vegas starts attacking Jenna’s husband Jay Grdina. You can see that part of his interview starting at the 2:15 minute mark here.
http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=UF52JfSPOY8&e

Tito blames Jenna’s weight loss on her pending divorce – instead of her rumored drug use – saying Jay has been trying to take all of Jenna’s money and everything she has worked for the past 15 years. And says he doesn’t know how Jay can look at himself and call himself a man. And says Jay is living in “Jenna’s” five million dollar house. Tito fails to mention that Jenna wouldn’t have most of her fame and wealth if it wasn’t for Jay. It was Jay’s money that started ClubJenna, the company that made her into a one time superstar. I don’t believe most of what Jenna says and it’s all for sympathy and publicity.

Tito once again says he would never have dated Jenna if she was still doing porn. Though Jenna and Jay have new videos being released that were filmed years ago. And Jenna still has lots of merchandise coming out of ClubJenna throughout the next decade. Tito wouldn’t date someone still doing porn but is dating someone who makes most of her money from porn. Jenna will always be a part of the industry because her hands are still in it making millions every year. Why is Jenna with a man that would never have loved her or been with her under different circumstances?

Tito also says he loves how Jenna has more money than he does and he knows that she’s not with him for his money. But two weeks ago Jenna told Miami Herald journalist Roberto Santiago that her pending divorce has financially crippled her. If Jenna is on the verge of poverty because Jay is taking all her money, which he couldn’t legally anyway, than how does Jenna have more money than Tito which Tito says in that interview?

I contacted Jay and he released this statement to me:

* LOL, thats funny. I wish what Toto said was true! I support and purchased everything in the community since day 1 and still continue paying for it all. This is a very commonly known fact. He is the one with a sugar momma..that’s soo cute! I hope he is enjoying the fruits of my rewards! He should be thanking me!

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