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Jenna Jameson is Marrying an Israeli & Converting to Judaism

We haven’t heard much from Jenna Jameson lately. Not since I guess her now infamous hosting gig of the XBIZ awards. Was that last year? The year before? Who knows. But anyway, I guess that doesn’t matter now because Jenna Jameson has been busy doing something far more interesting … falling in love! But not only has she fallen in love, she’s also apparently planning on major religious conversion in her life, by converting to Judaism.

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We’re always excited to welcome another celebrity into the Jew crew, but we have to admit this one took us a bit by surprise. Apparently, Jenna Jameson–known colloquially as the Queen of Porn–is marrying an Israeli and converting to Judaism.

According to JPost, Jameson is marrying Lior Bitton, an Israeli who works in L.A.’s diamond business. She’s even hosted her first Shabbat dinner, which she proudly posted on Instagram (featuring some very impressive challahs).

The quasi-retired adult film star has also taken up Hebrew and plans to visit Israel soon. A formerly self-described devout Catholic, the change would be big for Jameson–so she must be serious about it!

We hope she has a beautiful, transformative conversion, and that she finds her place in the faith. Mazel tov! Source: KVeller

Now here is where the story gets a little interesting. Who is this man in question? Well in 2013 he was arrested for fraud – in a big way. The guy got robbed a few years back and reported that a 4.21 carat diamond was among the ones stolen. It was work $99,000 (or so he said) and his insurance paid for it. Only it wasn’t actually stolen. He had the diamond the whole time and got caught.

The owner of a Los Angeles jewelry store has been charged with insurance fraud after falsely reporting a 4.21 carat diamond stolen, prosecutors said.

Lior Bitton, 36, of Los Angeles, was arrested Wednesday and is being held on $100,000 bail. He’s scheduled to be arraigned Friday.

Bitton is the owner of Pacific Diamonds and Gems jewelry store. On Jan. 7, one of his jewel couriers was robbed of 20 diamonds in front of 9156 Bolsa Ave. in Westminster’s Little Saigon, said Matt Lockhart, a deputy district attorney with the Orange County District Attorney’s Office who is prosecuting the case. That robbery remains unsolved, Lockhart said.

Bitton then filed a claim with his insurance company for the stolen diamonds, including a 4.21 carat diamond that he had certified with the Gemological Institute of America, prosecutors said in a news release. Bitton accepted $99,000 from the insurance company for the 4.21 carat diamond, the release said.

On Feb. 25, Bitton traveled to Israel, met with a diamond wholesaler, and provided the wholesaler with the 4.21 carat diamond he had reported stolen in January, Lockhart said. The wholesaler submitted the diamond for certification to the Gemological Institute, which determined that the stone was the same one Bitton had certified, prosecutors said.

Westminster Police Department, which investigated the case, recovered the diamond, prosecutors said. Police were suspicious that the Jan. 7 robbery might have been staged, but determined that the courier had been legitimately been robbed, officer Van Woodson said in May.

Bitton was initially arrested by Westminster police in March, but posted bail and was released. He was re-arrested Wednesday after Westminster police completed their investigation, District Attorney’s spokeswoman Farrah Emami said.  Source: OC Register

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