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Jenna Jameson is Pissed Off!

Jenna Jameson blogs….

TMZ Cheapshot
Current mood:  pissed off

Ok… I felt like I really needed to blog about this.
Here we go… I was sitting on the couch, and I just laid Journey down to sleep and began feeding Jesse, when I heard my name said very loudly on TV. Well, to be honest… it’s been quite awhile since  I have heard my name on TV other than replays of my True Hollywood Story. Well I hit “guide” on my remote and realized I was watching TMZ. UGH.. What are they going to say? What COULD they say… Paparrazzi have been leaving me alone since I moved to Huntington Beach… at least more than I thought they would. I figured they would bust my balls since I was pregnant with twins and all.

Anyway, I waited out the commercial and one of the girls on the show says,
” We got Jenna Jameson and Tito ortiz”… Harvey Levin (The Host” of TMZ) says “How does she look?” (I’m thinking , holy crap… the paps got me when I wasnt ready… please let me look kinda cute…LOL

The conversation continues on TMZ between Harvey and the girl reporter-
Girl- She looks good, but her hips look WIDE…
Harvey- She just had TWINS!!!!

Then everything from that point on got jumbled for me… I was pretty heated about the thought of this random chick saying I looked WIDE… Seriously… this is the ultimate example of girl on girl HATING. I mean, I had twins 4 months ago!!!!  Its crazy to me that a fellow woman would feel the need to bash my hips… when most women would relate to the fact that I spent the past year building two perfect little humans. Does the circumference of my hips really matter? Should that even be discussed? It truly makes me sick to my stomach that this woman felt the need to pick my body apart when just barely 18 months ago TMZ was BASHING me for being TOO skinny! This is why women have such massive body issues… people like her…. all I have to say to her is… you should be ashamed…!

I do want to say thanks to Harvey for actually defending me…
I have worked very hard to be healthy… and that is all that matters, not the size of my booty!

Let me know what you guys and girls think…

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