Jenna Jameson Talks Dirty on Playboy

Jenna Jameson is probably the most famous pornstar of all time. At this point she is a household name even though she has retired a long time ago. From 1993 to 2008 she made tons of porn movies, and even founded her own company in the industry. Since 2008 she hasn’t been doing too much, except for some webcamming here and there, getting pregnant and making headlines for her sometimes controversial statements to the media. Now that she is a bonafide MILF at age 43, she has a lot to say and she’s not afraid to say it! Jenna was recently commenting on the fact that Playboy is part of the White House press corps – the publications that are allowed to have journalists attend press events held by the presidential team. This is coming up because the Playboy White House correspondent recently got into a public argument with the deputy press secretary. Jenna had some things to say about this.

“Well to be honest I’m surprised Playboy is even allowed at the White House…” Jenna started to explain. “Since they thought it was a good idea to remove the nudity from their failing publication, I have to say they lost their credibility. The fact that they think people actually DO read Playboy for the articles shows they took their finger off the pulse of what people will spend their hard earned money on, a long time ago. Once again, this is a failed attempt by the liberals behind the bunny to drum up a bit of publicity in hops to make us all care again. Have a seat Playboy.” She said, politicizing her statement and letting everyone know where she stands.

Whatever side you are on, you have to agree that some people do read Playboy for the articles and whether or not the magazine shows full tits and pussy doesn’t really have much of a bearing on whether people do or do not read the articles. A girl in a bikini or sexy lingerie can be just as alluring as someone who is fully nude for sure! In addition, Jenna must not be up on her Playboy news because it was recently announced that they will be switching back to full nudity this year, and have already had a few issues out with it.

Those who have followed her career know that Jenna is slamming a company that has done her good in the past. She has been in a few Playboy porn movies, and on the cover of many international Playboy magazines, as well as the focus of a few Playboy shoots. Regardless of what Jenna thinks about the company now, her pics and movies with them are still out there for everyone to see and enjoy, thankfully! And anyone on either side of the aisle can be grateful for that.

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