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Jenna Jameson’s Father Passed Away-Memorial Service Info

NL-Jenna Jameson’s father passed away on October 2nd. I didn’t announce it at that time because I wasn’t sure that Jenna wanted it public. But she has now said she is holding an open memorial service for him and wants everyone to come, so here is the info-

“The public memorial for my dad is at 5 pm on 10-10-10
I am holding my fathers memorial  to celebrate his amazing life, at 17911 beach blvd. HB CA 92647.

Please come, he was my life. May my father rest in peace, he was my best friend and never gave up on me. I will count the seconds until I see him again. I love you Dad.

Mr Massoli has been sick for a while and had his ups and downs. He fought a hard battle. Our thoughts are with Jenna, her family  and all of Mr Massoli’s  family.


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