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Jenna Presley Exclusive Interview

Interview by Cindi Loftus
Photos Courtesy of Jenna Presley

She loves boots, size 6 ½ to be exact. I love Uggs, and she does too, although she doesn’t have a pair right now. I found this out on her Amazon Wishlist. She’s gotten twenty pairs of heels as gifts from her fans since she started it! She says she has amazing fans. I found out a lot about her on Twitter too. One fan on twitter asked if he could marry her!  Someone else told me about her love of Cheese curds. But I found out all the really interesting stuff, like about her interracial sex scene with Lexington Steele, by talking to her personally, in our interview below…

Xcitement: Your boobs are fabulous!
Jenna: Thank you. I appreciate that.
X: Just thought I would get that off my chest. (Laughs) I did my research to write your questions and the first thing I have to ask you is, “What is a cheese curd?” You said you loved them.
J: It’s similar to a mozzarella stick. In Wisconsin, they are little balls of fried cheese and they are delicious. I refer to them as cheese balls, but they are called cheese curds.
X: I know you were in Milwaukee last weekend featuring. What was your most favorite feature dance appearance ever.
J: It was at the Penthouse Club in Philadelphia. I was with Brooke Haven and the club was absolutely amazing. They had a martini glass that rises up from the floor so you can do a show in it. It has two Harleys that lower down from the ceiling, and you get on it and then it raises up from the stage. So you are riding on these Harleys. It is so rad. It is the biggest, most beautiful club I’ve ever been too.

X: What do you like best and worst about feature dancing?
J: The best thing is, I started off as a house dancer, so I love to dance. I love to be the center of attention and I love putting on amazing costumes and doing shows. I love to meet the fans. I guess my least favorite part is I don’t get to bring my little doggy with me so I get a little homesick for my Maltese. His name is HoneyLuv. He is the love of my life. I’ve had him for five and a half years and he is six years old. This is the longest relationship I’ve ever had with any man. (Laughs)
X: (Laughs) And probably the most loving, caring one as well.
J: Oh my gosh, it’s amazing. I can go to the tanning salon and come back and I’ve been gone for thirty-five minutes and he is so excited to see me, as if I’ve been out of town for months.
X: I know you love animals. I saw a picture of you with a Tortoise.
J: I was doing a day in the life of Jenna Presley for Hustler magazine and I love animals so much and I love to volunteer time at shelters. So Hustler followed me around and we went to a local L.A. shelter, the one in Burbank. It’s a beautiful shelter. Someone had just dropped off their tortoise and I was tempted to take the tortoise home, he was such a sweetheart.
X: They are adorable. That is great marketing for the shelter. Everyone wants a dog, and all the fans will see you at the Burbank shelter and go get one!
J: This shelter was amazing. I’ve been to many and the dogs are all barking and going insane. At this one, I was able to walk through so peacefully. This shelter also takes their dogs for hikes. It’s a great place to go save an animal. I highly recommend that place.
X: I saw this twitter question that someone asked you, and I’m going to repeat it, because it is a great question. How does it feel to have millions of men masturbating and thinking of you?
J: (Laughs) It makes me feel like a sex icon. It makes me feel like I am doing my job the way that I should be doing my job. That is the reason I do it, so that millions of men and or women can relieve themselves at the end of the day if they don’t have a partner to help them out, or whether they want to do it with a partner. That’s the reason I do what I do. It makes me feel good.
X: Well let me tell you, you are very jerk-off-able!
J: Thank you.

X: You’re welcome. What is all this HBO stuff you are doing?
J: I’ve been doing a lot with HBO. I want to get my SAG card and be part of the union. I’m not sure of the titles yet because they are apt to change. I want to branch out into both worlds. I don’t see myself ever becoming like an Angelina Jolie or anything like that, but it is fun to be involved in that world as well.
X: That’s excellent that you can work on mainstream and porn. So you must be a pretty good actress to get hired for three HBO movies.
J: Yes, thank you. I work on it. To work on your acting skills it’s good to practice in front of a full-length mirror and my closets at the house are all full length mirrors. So you can see how you look as you are doing it. You can practice your hand movements. It makes things a lot easier.
X: I notice that Voodoo is in one of those movies with you. I think he is so hot.
J: He is such a doll. He’s contracted though Reality Kings, but he’s allowed to do this because it’s a mainstream film. We both played FBI agents.
X: So you and he are FBI agents and you are tracking aliens?
J: We got a phone call from a drunken man who said he saw a spaceship that crashed. When we went to check out the landing site, there was no spaceship, so I’m convinced that there was nothing and the guy is just drunk. Voodoo’s character believes that there really are aliens. So we end up finding out some very strange things.
X: Do you have sexual relations with Voodoo?
J: I have had sexual relations with Voodoo.
X: For this movie?
J: For the whole movie he tries to grab me and I slap his hand away. I don’t want to give away too much, but I am definitely not into Voodoo in the movie.
X:  But you have had sex with Voodoo at other times?
J: Yes. I’ve known him for six years and the first scene I’ve ever done with him was about a year and a half ago for Reality Kings.
X: What porn movies do you have coming out?
J: I did a few really big productions for Vivid and Axel Braun. I play Spiderwoman. We did Spiderman versus Superman XXX and then we did the Avengers and Spiderwoman is also in that. And we might be doing a Spiderwoman movie.
X: So you have the top or second to top role in these movies.
J: Yes. My character is amazing. The costume is phenomenal. The latex costume was fitted to my body, so no other woman can think about stealing my part! (Laughs) Those will be out next year. I also did Spartacus, which is out now. Tommy Gunn and Marcus London, they made all the props by hand. I played Spartacus’ wife. The movie is amazing.
X: So you got to have sex with Marcus.
J: Yes I did.
X: He has a sexy voice.
J: Doesn’t he though? I love his English accent.
X: How was the sex scene with Marcus?
J: It was a lot of fun but it was definitely out of the ordinary because they wanted everything to be very, very natural. Way back when in the Spartacus days they did not say any kind of the dirty words that I am used to saying in my films. So we had to keep it casual and lovey-dovey.
X: I can’t wait to see that. Let me go back to Spiderman. Who played him?
J: Xander Corvis.
X: He’s a newer guy, but he’s hot too.
J: He is and he is a pleasure to be around. He is one of my favorite guys. He could come on the dullest set and make everybody excited. He has these amazing jokes. He never fails to make me laugh.
X: That’s a wonderful person to have around. He sounds like he may be taking over for Evan Stone.
J: I love Evan. I just did a movie with him. It was a parody of American Choppers.

X: That’s great! I love parodies. So how was your Spiderwoman latex costume, because I just interviewed Dylan Ryder who played Katwoman XXX and she said that it was so hot, she was sweating everyday.
J: I do okay in latex. The only issue we had was in the Avengers, I was working with Evan and he ripped the costume. I had to do another scene the next day in that costume. So they had to rush it over to the latex store to get it fixed, and the next day it ripped again. Luckily it ripped in a different place and we worked around it.
X: What did Evan do to rip your costume?
J: He was just rough with the sex. But it works out for the best because in Spiderman Versus Superman you didn’t get to see my bust during the sex scene because there was no zippers or anything to let them free, so when he ripped the costume my breasts fell out.
X: Did it have a crotch hole so you could have sex with the costume on?
J: Yes it did.
X: They should have thought of that and also had a rip away bust part. How do they do a movie with you and not show your boobs! So Evan did rip it for a good reason.
J: Yes, for a good reason. Thank you Evan. He said that the fans will thank them for that.
X: I saw that you were also in Supergirl.
J: Yes I played Lois Lane.
X: And you got to have sex with Dale Dabone.
J: He’s amazing. He is so sexy. He’s something else. He is so gorgeous.
X: I think so too.
J: Do you know that he has a twin brother?
X: No, I didn’t know that.
J: He works for Bang Bros in Miami. They are fraternal, not identical, but they are both just drop dead sexy.

X: I saw that you also did a scene with Lexington Steele.
J: YES! I love that guy. He is amazing. That is one of my favorite scenes that I have done in the longest time. I don’t remember a scene were I literally came so hard.
X: And his dick is scary big.
J: It is humongous but I went down a line. Because I had never done interracial. So I said, you know what? If I do interracial I want to do the biggest guys in the industry, the guys that are the most famous. So my first interracial was with Lexington Steele. My second was with Mandingo.
X: Wow.
J: So I took the two largest cocks in the industry.
X: You are crazy girl.
J: I figured if I am going to do it, I am going to do it right. I wanted to please the interracial fans.
X: I bet that Lexington was worth it because he is so sexy.
J: He’s gorgeous and he gives me these eyes, and I’m like stop staring at me like that.
X: That’s what it is. When they look at you like they want you and wanna eat you up and that’s what’s so sexy.
J: I know and I couldn’t believe Mandingo. He’s not that much taller than me, maybe five, five and his dick is so huge. Jules Jordan said his dick is like a circus freak. It is so thick and so long. He has to get light headed, there is no blood-flow to his head. All the blood flow is to his penis, it’s crazy.
X: His dick looks like it is as big around as a soda can.
J: Oh it is. It is gi-normous. It is as long as my forearm.  It is so huge and it is very very enjoyable. I didn’t think I was going to be able to do it. At first I didn’t think I could do Lexington and then Mandingo was even bigger. But I took them both and I was very shocked. I have a saying, “My vagina is like Fruit of the Loom, after every wash it snaps right back. So it will stretch out but then it gets just as tight.
X: I think you picked two really good people because they have lots of experience. Were they pretty gentle?
J: No! I wanted it hard! Once they worked it in, I was like give it to me!
X: You are a dirty talker, so tell me what you said to Lexington.
J: Oh my goodness, with Lexington it was hard to even talk because usually during a scene you want to focus on where the camera is and everything and he just felt so good that I could not focus. It was like having private sex which is what made the scenes so good. There was nothing fake about it.
X: Is there anything in porn that you haven’t done yet that you would like to do? Or anything you wouldn’t do, like gangbangs.
J: In six years the only thing that is new that I gave up was interracial. I haven’t done anal. I haven’t done gangbangs. I haven’t done a lot. There is a lot I could do. But I just don’t feel that the time is right.
X: Do you want to do them?
J: Possibly. I am a virgin when it comes to anal sex. So that is something that a lot of people want to see. I’m sure I can probably handle it, but it will take some practice first.
X: And not your first anal with Lexington or Mandingo.
J: Well if I do it, I’m going to do it big. I don’t want people to say, well she did her first anal but the guy was tiny.
X: Well you are so tiny. When you are doing Mandingo it seems like when he is fucking you it’s going to come out your mouth.
J: I thought that myself.
X: So who are your favorite males to work with now that we are talking about all these sexy guys.
J: I love Xander and Lexington was great as well. Evan Stone is amazing. Every guy I work with each has his own personality and their own way of conducting a sex scene, but they are all great and I really haven’t done a scene with anyone I don’t like.
X: That’s wonderful to hear. You are doing so much acting with all the parodies and everything. You are still doing gonzo too though aren’t you?
J: Definitely. That is a world that I will never leave.
X: Do you like one better than the other?
J: I think with the parodies and the acting it’s almost like you are on a mainstream feature but you have sex. That’s fun because it broadens my horizons and helps me better my acting skills so I can branch out into mainstream. But with the gonzo there is no beating around the bush. You just get down to it. That is a lot of fun as well.
X: Plus you don’t have to spend eighteen hours on the set that day.
J: (Laughs) Yeah, exactly.

X: If you could have sex with any rock star who would it be?
J: I’ve already has sex with all the rock stars I’ve wanted to have sex with.
X: (Laughs) And now I’ll say name names and you’ll say no.
J: I can’t.
X: TV star?
J: I guess I’d have to go with Charlie Sheen. He’s already out there for dating porn stars.
X: You haven’t had sex with Charlie Sheen?
J: I have not had sex with Charlie Sheen. There are rumors that I have.
X: Yes there are.
J: But I have never met the man, but I think he is amazing. I really look up to him.
X: He’s a little strange.
J: He’s fun. He’s a rock star from Mars, right?
X: I don’t mind strange people, they are more quirky and interesting. Since we put this in the interview, you may be getting a call from his people.
J: I sure hope so!
X: How about someone from history?
J: Probably one of the Kennedys. They are gorgeous, every single one of them.
X: And they have an accent too.
J: They are just so sexy. How could I turn down a Kennedy. I would have sex with a Kennedy spirit. If the ghost came to me right now I would definitely do him.
X: How about Obama?
J: I would definitely do him because he is a man of power, but he is not someone I would find attractive if I saw him on the street. But being that he is the President of the United States, how could I say no.
X: What is the weirdest place that you ever had sex?
J: In a strip club. The only public place I’ve ever had sex was a strip club with an ex-boyfriend of mine.
X: Was it in a back room?
J: Yes. We were in the topless room and I took my panties off and left my skirt on and I was riding him but they had no idea. The manager was coming by to count the dances and he had no clue.
X: You are a bad girl.
J: I’m a naughty girl.     

X: Do you watch your own movies?
J: I don’t really. Every once in a while. I’m not opposed to it, I just don’t really have time. I don’t even get to watch a lot of mainstream movies. I’ve never even seen Transformers, so how can I see one of my own movies.
X: Yeah, I mean which would I rather see, (Laughs) Transformers, or you naked and having sex.
J: I know, right?
X: Have you seen Hall Pass?
J: I have. That is a great movie.
X: So you saw the black guy with the huge penis!
J: And then the other guy had a tiny penis.
X: Yes, how stereotypical. The black guy has a huge dick and the white guy is tiny.
J: That was a great movie. I saw it theaters in San Diego.
X: I watched that on DVD at home with my (adult) family members. It was a little embarrassing when the naked penises showed up.
J: I can only imagine.

X: One of your fans wanted to know if you like boots.
J: I am a big fan of boots. When I feature that is all I wear is boots because that makes it easier to climb the pole. I have really sexy red leather, white leather and black leather boots. I love boots.
X: I have to mention that you when you returned to the industry after a nine month break, you became a “Bad Girl Gone Good”
J: Yes. I talked a lot about it when I first came back to the industry because it was something very thrilling and fulfilling to me. I realized that it’s better to keep your religion separate from porn.
X: Understood. Do you have a message for your fans?
J: I just want to say thank you to all my lovers for all their support. You guys are great. I want to keep making movies for all of you so you can enjoy my stroke and poke worthy scenes.

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