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Jenna Presley Vs. Derek Hay

My Jenna Presley profile.

Jenna writes on ADT: Is my new site, check it out. Its been extremely hard promoting it because I was once working on, however Derek Hay from La Direct Models owns the domain name and is refusing to sell it to me. I would LOVE to do some hardcore stuff on my website but because is such a horrible site (being that I have NOTHING to do with it) people that buy a membership to that site are extremely unhappy (i do NOT blame them, it only has 2 scenes) So why on earth would they purchase a membership to They expect the same disappointment. Therefore I am having trouble getting people to sign up to which BTW has a good amount of scenes as well as some great hardcore photo shoots. So once I can convince people to sign up to I will do live chats, I will do scenes that can only be found on my website, I would also love to personalize scenes for my fans upon their request, and I would LOVE to do some solo ANAL scenes. But as of right now, I do not have enough members. Good old Derek.

Derek replies to my email:

You’ll have to cut and paste it for me to see it, but probably I don’t care. Isn’t she currently residing in the “where are they now file?”

Jane says: “What Jenna Presley didn’t say is that when Lisa Ann opened her agency, Jenna jumped ship and left Derek almost immediately even though Derek had done a lot for that girl. Then when Jenna inevitably left Lisa Ann and went back to Derek, she immediately wanted to stop doing boy/girl and return to Lisa Ann. This is a girl who has had a huge amount of drug problems. You can tell because her weight was once so poor that people were sending her home from sets. So if you read between the lines of this little blurb, you will see that she really wants a website because she is broke and needs a source of income and she isn’t capable doing boy/girl anymore.”

Lisa Ann of Lisa Ann Talent Management calls. “I’d like to comment. I don’t want anyone to think that I am Jane.

“It is unfair for anyone to own the domain name of talent other than that talent. She should be able to own her name. For LADirectModels to buy a girl’s domain name and refuse to let the girl have it is pointless. It’s a power play to see if the girl will stay with that agency. Obviously it doesn’t work.

“We live in a free country. These people in the business are allowed to do what they want. If they want to not do boy-girl, it’s their choice. Who knows what the talent might be going through.

“Does Jane have a witness to Jenna having drug problems? That’s a judgmental call. Jenna is a tiny girl. Yes, her weight has fluctuated.

“Jenna is a good kid. She was thrown in the line of fire when her first contract ever was with L.A. Direct Models and they worked her to the bone. When you’re shooting boy-girl scenes 20-25 days a month, sure, the lure of the money is nice, but it is going to have a toll on the talent’s body. It’s eventually going to have a toll on their health, how much they can eat out, eat good meals, take care of themselves, get to the gym. How can you do that when you’re shooting every day?

“Jenna is not broke. She has every right to Her financial status is irrelevant.

“Someone bought immediately and wanted to sell it to me for X-amount of dollars. Not going to happen.”

“When I started my agency, I got a lot of support from Jenna. She reminded that there was a driver out there looking for a job. He’s now my number one driver. She’s a good kid. She’s just young. Tell Jane to lay back on her commentary and judgments towards Jenna.”

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