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Jenna & Tito- The Babies- Pics

From Darrah at PornStarBabylon

Thank you to N/A for these new pictures of Jenna taking home her twins from the hospital. Her sons were reportedly born premature and had to stay longer but both are doing well now.

Last month pictures of a blonde surfaced outside the same hospital Jenna’s twins were in and with pictures of Tito also at the hospital that same day. She looks a lot like how Jenna would look like without makeup.

Many including myself thought that blonde was Jenna. If it wasn’t Jenna, maybe she is a cousin. They both have similar features. But because of these new pictures posted above, I finally remembered Jenna has a large tattoo on the back of her neck & shoulders. The blonde doesn’t. I also had thought then maybe the brunette with her was her assistant who has been photographed with Jenna many times. But it was possibly Jenna herself.

Thank you to Jenn for finding out that the blonde is named Miss Shana. She runs Jenna’s website House of Jameson . She runs the site according to her Myspace page.

Mystery solved …………

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