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Jennifer Aniston’s Nipples Finally Exposed in “We’re the Millers”!

I’ve had a raging boner for Jennifer Aniston ever since her universally loved 90’s television sitcom”Friends.” That’s a long time to have a boner. Anyway, since her transition from “Rachel” to queen of shitty rom-coms, I have to admit her last movie, “We’re the Millers” was pretty fucking funny, despite what the critics say. Jennifer Aniston laces up her long legs in stockings and plays a stripper! Here are some behind-the-scenes photos of the lovely and sexy Jennifer Aniston and her exposed pokies! That’s right, after 15 years, we finally get to see what Jennifer’s nipples look like! Oh, happy day.

Onward with Jennifer Aniston’s exposed nips! Thank you sheer bras!

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