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Jeremy Does the Xbiz Awards, And They Let Him In!

by Jeremy Steele

To quote O.J., “I want to tell you…” about the XBIZ 2010 awards…
From the periphery; the bleacher seats; the crowded hang-outs; all the areas the front row photographers missed… This is just a brief intro. Expect more writing and photos on
I was one of those morons who arrived late; late meaning any time other than early, as by the time we got through the red-carpet line most of the industry and lookie-loos were seated inside the showroom, so I began frantically photographing people in the lobby like a crazy Japanese tourist.
And speaking of photographing, some people take me less than seriously because I shoot with only a little cam holstered off my belt, but as you can see it does the job.
For some stars in this business size really matters, and they love, pose and smile for the big boys. That’s fine n’ dandy. They do their thing, I’ll do mine.
However, just to let you all know, it’s not really the size of the camera that matters but how you use it.  Having a smaller one makes it easier to whip it out and capture the moment when it happens. Also, being able to hold the little camera at arms length at times gives me more width of vision,  allowing me to capture spontaneity more than just fitted poses, (yawn, ho hum, next!)
The original Luke Ford is a fine example of how great cameras do not necessarily mean great photographs (hence, his own self-proclaimed label of “Camera of Death”).  He had an expensive  and fancy camera but his pictures typically looked redundant and lousy.

On the other hand, I’ve even been told by the likes of people such as Larry The Horse (who usually trashes me) that my camerawork is far superior to ol’ Lukey’s (which actually isn’t really saying much, but point be made…) Well, at least pay little mind to the red eyes I gave Kimberly Kane in the lobby and, other than that, it was a mighty fine photograph!
Anyhow, at times the XBIZ presentation of nominees looked like one of elementary school slide shows;
big screens adorned showing the various fat lists of nominees, except sometimes the screen was a bit blurry …
At least they weren’t reading the names of each of the nominees, when suggestively sped things along. Yet still it took way too long, as far as I was concerned.  There was some nice musical and stage performance interludes, including Dave Navarro and a lady who’s name I did not get, and other stage performances. But as you can see here by the photo caught of me (see photo), the shit went on way too long.
Here are a few samples of photos. You can see these and  more pictures now or soon at (more batches should be going up soon, so stay tuned!)

1st photo: Jeremy Steele & date, Lucky Starr

2nd photo: me passed out during awards ceremony.

3rd photo: Kimberly Kane wondering when the fuck she’ll be allowed in to collect her porn award.

4th photo: Tanner Mayes high on life

5th photo: Audrey Bittoni

6th photo: The Staglianos

7th photo: Ms. La Rue.

8th photo: Joe Blow with czech girl Carla Cox (He’s telling her how I got him started in this business and I complained to her that he still hasn’t given me my 10%)

9th photo: Some really big boobs (I’m sorry I missed your name)

10th photo: Jeremy Steele keepin’ it real.

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