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Jeremy Steele answers back to Tim’s accusations

NL- I do like Jeremy’s new myspace picture. Nice penis Jeremy– And Jeremy, I want an autographed picture!

Tim’s accusations are in this post-

jeremiahsteele Says:

I just got in, I’m tired, was told about this, will get more into later if anyone actually cares…

Aw fuck it, might as well get into it now…
Looks like this fucking guy is pulling a ###### reversal tactic calling me what I already called him: a fake, more or less, though never in large letters.

I don’t like people who waste  my time because time is one thing I can’t get back as far as I still know… why he likes wasting /waisting others’ time I can only speculate: maybe he’s bored in his retirement old age and more likely using it as a scam to lure ignorant women into posing for pictures, maybe get lucky (you know?)… saying he’s a pornographer? I really don’t know. Again, I can only speculate. I know what he did and said, but I still am not sure of why.

But the fact is, if anyone cares, is that this guy has been bullshitting me for many months now since he became my dubious myspace “friend” in regards to hiring me. He lies and posts constant bulletins status updates saying he’s shooting this girl or that girl.

He recently admitted he made all that shit up so to seem more impressionable. Let me repeat, he’s admitting to lying.

He’s one of those outsiders who’s never shot anything now calling me a “wannabe”, saying he’s friends with Ron Jeremy (R.J. is the name everyone uses who doesn’t know anybody), then insulting me later saying I’ll never be like Ron was. This lying fool acts like a child.

So I would start asking questions, specific ones, like what’s the fucking rate, how many scenes?, when will this happen? (if ever), if travel, etc are paid for?, and first he would ignore and not answer the emails, and then when I asked “Hey, did you forget to answer”, claim he never read it, even though the myspace settings allow you to see whether mail has been read, unread and if it’s been responded to…

He asks me to send a bunch of pics, each one autographed to his secretary or President (I forget, and it really doesn’t matter as for him, they’re pretty much all the same in his case).

He tells me he’s gonna have me play a Nazi for some Japanese company. I thought that could be fun. Put to use some of my old acting skillzzz…
Then he tells me he just ordered uniforms at $1000.00 a pop. Again this is the same guy who can’t answer my emails in regards to basic questions such as rate, how many scenes, yadda yadda.

So I said, “Hey Man,
you ordered uniforms for me, you never even asked me my size. Is this same kind of nazi comedy, I’m gonna walk in with some fucking outfit 2 sizes too big?” And he goes, “I just ordered one suit as I’m doing a one man act at the theatre”… he won’t say which one, of course. So I ask him, still confused, why would you order multiple uniforms if you’re just doing a one man show?

At this point he loses his cool because I’m getting tired of being played for a fool. I can only play Foolio before so long before I change back to Coolio (sunglasses please).
I never acted like or suggested I was the king of porn. This is the same bullshit Sophia Mounds made up. If anyone really thinks I would say or act like that, God Bless them. I find that funny… If I actually did and you went along with I’d say the jokes on you, but all I can say is this guy is an idiot, just because I ask questions as I have the right to ask of someone who I don’t know, have never worked for or heard of, living on the opposite side of the continent. What’s the problem? You don’t know what your company pays people? Wow, who does your taxes? You sure the money’s still in the bank? Maybe your ho took it if you’re too challenged to find answers to such basic questions…

I’m tired, going to bed……………..


PS-I am sick of moderating and editing posts  from Jeremy & Sophia, so I have removed the references to Sophia in this post because she would like Jeremy to just leave her alone. I would like them to leave each other alone and fight on their own time. So on LIB Jeremy and Sophia are done talking to each other. Any mentions and post will be delete and you will be moderated. TY.

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