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Jeremy Steele in Mainstream as TOM CRUISE!

Last Friday I got a surprise paid rush call audition as a body double for Tom Cruise! I rushed to the Hollywood studio, stood in front of a white backdrop and had 8 revolving shots of me taken from front to profile to back. Then they gave me a prop gun and had me do various action poses, including running, running and shooting and even running, kicking and shooting all at once, etc. It seemed like this might be an audition for one of Tom’s Mission Impossible movies.

I asked the photographer’s assistant and the photographer what it was for and they both told me it was a secret and they weren’t allowed to disclose any specifics.
About two hours later, I got a call at home and was told I got the job (which was for today/Monday)!
There were 4 of us there, 2 other guys, one girl. We asked what this movie was and again, were told that mum’s the word. But we guessed it was Mission Impossible, as we were told it was coming out later this year. One of the body doubles did a check on his droid phone regarding Tom Cruise movies coming out this year, and MI4 was the only movie scheduled for release.
Then, one of the main guys in charge revealed it was, in fact, post production still shots for “Mission Impossible 4- Ghost Protocol”, and that the stars heads would be superimposed over our heads, on our bodies. The 3 others there were body doubles for Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg and Paula Patton.
We were shown shots and drawings of Tom and the others in various publicity and story board action sequences. It was a fun work day. Almost all the shots (except when we were jumping off a platform) incorporated us handling prop guns (some real, some props).
The first sequence used all 4 actors, and it was like the scene from Reservior Dogs where we all stood in a 3-dimensional square formation with our guns each aiming at one other actor. Then they shot us walking and then running towards the camera with guns in hand, with me leading the way.
After that, we were each shot individually, running towards the camera, shooting at various angles.  At one point I was given two guns to handle at the same time. We had to do various sequences include jumping, kicking and shooting, including off of a platform with the camera low, looking like we were flying.
We did shot after shot after shot, spinning and shooting in various ways and angles, running and jumping. After each photograph was taken we could see on the monitor what it looked like and it was very satisfying when the photographer and assistants would see a shot and say “That’s the one!” Some of the shots looked like painted masterpieces!
I’m told that once the movie is released I’ll be able to get some studio shots of me, but in the meantime here’s a couple of shots one of the actors caught of me and a copy of my voucher to prove I’m not bullshitting y’all.

The estimated budget for this movie is $140,000,000 and it’s planned release is December, 2011.
Good Times!

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