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Jeremy Steele on Cal-OSHA Meeting


Op/Ed by Jeremy Steele (International Porno Superstar)

“Why don’t they make a law to make a man happy instead of making laws to bust a guy all up?” – Farina (from “Our Gang” episode- “Little Daddy”, released March 28, 1931)

80 years, and a few months since the above Little Rascals quote, not much has changed, except that it’s now OUR gang that is getting messed with by some full-grown, not as cute (or innocent) government rascals/misfits.

  The Cal-OSHA meeting on Tuesday, June 7th 2011, regarding mandatory porn condom laws, was my second time attending, although this time I was far less voiciferous than I was the first time I attended.  I prepared a lot of notes, but preferred to just sit next to Lucky, listen and stare through the proceedings like some lilly-pad dwelling amphibian stuck in a less spacious and less comfortable chair. Plus, I was more curious to see what the  commission and everyone else in the packed room had to say.

But as certain words and terms, like “barrier protection” and “impermeable membrane”, floated through the air, I stood up and asked if OSHA could confirm for me whether or not it was already determined that condoms are, in fact, defined as impermeable membranes, or “protection barriers”, as OSHA refers to it. And, their response was, simply, “yes”.

  Miffed, but not surprised, I responded that their opinion was “patently false”, and sat quietly back down. It turns out that was the last I publically spoke that day. I also didn’t want to be the one to blame for sparking the flames I could feel were coming about several issues, anyway.

I could’ve lept into a rant about condoms, “safe sex” and “barrier protection”, but, also, in lieu of how it already appeared, (that the commission itself might be comprised a few impermeable membranes), I decided to gather my thoughts and review my notes and respond at a later time.

And as the proceedings carried onward, I thought to myself about the answer to my question, which only lead to more questions, such as; “WHEN did condoms become defined as “safe sex” and “protective barriers”; WHERE was the adult industry when this decision was made and; WHY was the adult never part of those meetings BEFORE OSHA levied all its fines against production companies?; Shouldn’t there have been an open hearing and fair trial back then, BEFORE the fines were levied, just as there’s SUPPOSED to be an open hearing and fair trial now?

And as OSHA was explaining the purpose of our meeting being the focus on “Language” I was in the midst of questioning the definitions they had already made (without our participation) about words and terms that were currently being used to further analyze more of their own “language”….

Wait a fucking minute, OSHA! Time Out!

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