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Jeremy Steele says Poontalk is dead and the Editor has lost his mind

Jeremy Steele writes- It looks like Poontalk. com is over.  The editor who has editing and posting control of the siter has been getting more vicious and at this point has lost his mind. I’ve been the perpetual target of derision for entertainment purposes but this shit has gone out of control.

NL-The editor goes by POONTALK when he comments here. I asked Jeremy who the editor is. He answered-
“I’m not naming names at the moment but he’s the anthropologist/producer of “Porn Star For Rent: An Anthropological Perspective”, which I’m the main character/jackass of.  I don’t have the capability of running in, no more than I have the ability to speak Korean. That’s all I can say for now.”

Jeremy continues- On Feb 12th, the editor was going to pull the plug on POONTALK due to an argument over his fascist ways. I sent him over 70 more “Fetish/Creampie” photos, each that I resized and labeled. Because I have an old fucke-up monitor that won’t brighten I accidentally sent over 4 explicit shots that I didn’t realize were explicit out of 40 in the non-explicit file so he decided to put up none of the photographs out of spite. Yes it was the second time I’d done this in a row, but he acknowledged I need a new monitor and I didn’t see the shadowy areas of the girls in bikins I sent had the vaginas popping out.  Certainly it took me way more time to resize, label and attach each photo than it did for him to simply look at them or post them, and even though I offered to resend them he refused to post them.

The “Creampie” night  was the best photographic night I’ve shot yet, even better than Club Hell from January.  The editor titled it “Creampie” due to several naked women in chocolate syrup and whipped cream messing around in a kiddy/kitty pool, yet to this day he still has not posted any of those photos. Because I argued with him about he said I’m too much trouble to deal with and that he’s not going to run the site anymore.

I was in agreement that he hire additional help for the site because I have better things to do then deal with his fucking abuse and making me seem like more of a jackass than I actually am (I’m enough of a jackass as it is and don’t need any embellishments).

Meanwhile, he’s continued to slander and humiliate me with skewed versions of events  for comedic purposes. I can site several examples but of most recent, on Friday the 13th he wrote that I lied and said I forgot to go to Craven Moorehead’s party but then I supposedly admitted that I didn’t forget (contradicting myself which makes no sense), when in fact I simply decided not to go. He even said to me don’t go if I don’t feel like it, and at the time that party was going to be the last event I photograph (just to finish the busy photographic week off) due to our dispute which erupted from the day before.

A week later, I was back to shooting and got some good pics for the NoHo party. Tuesday night I got some more PSK shots, as well as a shoot I was involved in, the latter for some reason the editor decided to not post any photos I sent of.

Meanwhile on Poontalk in the commment section of the Katarina Kat interview “tattypattyagain” posted in the comment section “C’mon Jeremy! Names with those hoes! Some of them are hot. You’d be doing them and us a favour….”

So I respond with a list of excuses as to why I haven’t done so, so far. The first one read: “here’s some names….. ho #1, ho # 2, ho #3, ho # fo…”

Then on Feb 25th, the editor writes a new Post titled “Stop Referring to Women as Hos!” and he goes on to trash me some more in ways which seem vicious, weird, and which really seem like some kind of strange and personal gay lovers’ quarrel, calling me “ladyboy”, that I’m not beautiful, that I’m a taker, not a giver, etc…

So I respond with something that’s lighthearted, part witty, part stupid or silly, part clever and part whatever  I came up with 7 points which I crafted and left as a comment. Then  started getting ready to get ready for Club Hell. Last month when I shot Club Hell it was at the time the best and so far the 2nd best night photographically speaking, second only to the NoHo “fetish/creampie” night which the editor still won’t post up.

To the best of my recollection this is what I wrote (the editor, first changed and forged my last point and then deleted the entire post):

First of all, when I say “Ho”, I mean that in the most affectionate way. I’ve got nothing negative to say about ho’s. “Ho” comes from Whore which comes from the Latin “karus” which means dear. And certainly anytime a ho (on camera or off) makes a guy come it makes him feel endeared to her. And this “ho” thing started with tattypatty’s comment on Poontalk, and before that Annie Sprinkle who used to have her “Why I love Whores” poster on the wall of AIM. While that poster used to offend me as much as when they used to have the giant “Health care for the Sexworker” signs on the sidewalk in front of their office, eventually I just adopted the “ho” thing (see point 1.) After all, without hos how would married men get laid? Their wives?? I also added the silly/stupid comment in response to the editor’s “lady-boy” comment that Santa has been seen on the off-season walking the street as “Monica”, selling his ass to boys for toys and that a street was named after him. I also came up with the more witty comment that the first two letters in Hollywood are “HO” and Hollywood has lots of hos. I also mentioned that the only bad hos are the ones who prostitute their principles for personal gain or sell their souls, not the ones who rent their holes. Then the last comment I made was that I think the editor is just ho’in out to the readers, and how lame.

So as I’m getting ready for Club Hell, just minding my own business, he calls and tells me to check out my comment at POONTALK, telling he changed it. I read it and saw he took my last point (the one and only time I made one solitary retort to the editor’s barrage of insults) and completely changed/forged it to read that “I’m going to go down to Santa Monica Blvd and sell my ass for $15.00. Me love you long time.”

I told him it wasn’t even funny, that it also wasn’t cool as I never wrote that, plus in the context of what I wrote it made no sense I insisted that he fix it back the way it was. I was calm about it. Then he says go check it out. I hit the refresh button and see that he just erased my entire comment. I was still calm but on my way to getting livid. I told him to put it back up and he said rewrite it, like I’m his bitch and that’s when I blew up.

He still thinks this behavior of his is some kind of joke and the day after he invited me today to go to a buffet, but I ask everyone how would you like it if someone came along and deleted something you spend time writing, or how would you like if a person came by snatched a picture you spent time drawing and then just ripped it up and said “DRAW IT AGAIN, BITCH HA HA!!!”  Am I supposed to be calm about this and put up with this? This is supposed to be my site but I’m constantly being abused censored and can endure it no more.  I’ve put up with this shit for too long!

Sorry folks, for its really a shame because POONTALK was getting a lot of hits and there was ABSOLUTELY NO FUCKING REASON FOR THIS SHIT!

NL- The site has not been updated since 2.25.09

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