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Jeremy Steele- Starts talking to the Wall about HIV Conspiracy

OP/ED  by Jeremy Steele

When I run out of people who care to listen to me rant facts and opinions on the subject of HIV/AIDS (as it seems I might possibly already have) I will start talking to the wall and explain things there… might not be any worse or less receptive of an audience…

I just read a horrible but still funny joke from my offensive joke book once which which again reminds me of this whole sad AIDS fiasco/sham:

What do you call a gay guy on rollerblades? :
Roll AIDS.

This fucked-up (but funny) joke of course reminds us of the whole notion that AIDS is a gay disease, which also works real well for “religious” people who believe this is God’s wrath. It’s also good for conspiracy theorists who claim it’s a secret campaign by the illuminazis to eliminate “heathens”, “undesirables” and employ population control.

Some theories are sound and useful, other not, or not as much. Even though I’m always open-minded to conspiracy theories that doesn’t mean I’m so open-minded that my brains are falling out.

I don’t consider myself a theorist as much as simply a gatherer or alternative information, but regardless I think everything is a conspiracy, more of less, to some degree… going along to get along is a conspiracy of sorts… but anyways…

With AIDS, however, I think it’s more important to simply go over the basic facts and worry less about theories and such of whether or not a dark gathering of evil lords are behind it. Besides the argument that it’s all a preplanned agenda I think is weaker and less directly self-evident than certain other conspiracy theories but I’m not going to get into that because it really doesn’t matter… Certainly germ and viral hunters have been waiting in the wings to be employed to find a cure for any possible pandemics.

Getting back to sound versus unsound theories, the original theory from doctors before HIV and AIDS was born was that the Kaposi Sarcoma or “Wasting Syndrome” those gays were dying of was a gay disease.

Of course this is a gay disease. In fact molecular biologists have recently isolated the gay gene within the HIV virus. It turns out the AIDS virus
is also a big fan of Liberace and Wham!

But seriously, this is why gays, who for many years have been targeted by authorities which seek to marginalize, change or even eliminate them should’ve been the FIRST ones to question authority, including those doctors and other hired mouths who from the start erroneously labeled this a gay disease, specifically “Gay Related Immune Deficiency”.

Of course I’m sure they did react somewhat in that fashion, taking offense that it was “gay related”, yet at the same time still relying on these doctor’s divine wisdom.

Gays more than anyone should’ve jumped on this shit from the start and screamed in a collective huff “WTF?!?!” Just because this sickness croped up by members of the gay community didn’t make the virus gay. Didn’t anyone within the medical industries and gay community ever stop to think it might be a life-style within the gay lifestyle that was the killer, and not necessarily germ or viral based or reliant, or anything based on being gay, in general?

This GRID label should’ve woken up if not the general population, at least gays in particular. How the fuck where they putting together that these guys are dying because they’re gay? Thus the doctors were saying being gay in itself is causing a disease, not perhaps something else being done by the gays who were dying. Were all gay dying? No. So perhaps it was self-inflicted by means other than being gay!

This is what the very name of the disease called “GRID” was proclaiming How could they have ruled out drug use and/or something they were doing to their bodies, like not eating or sleeping for days, etc?

They never did. They assumed it was because of germs or viruses without any medical back up until Gallo came along with even less medical backup and cooked the books in favor of the theory he’d been pushing in regards to other diseases for years, that it’s viral, or actually retro-virally based.

Let’s assume HIV or AIDS is more easily spread because of anal sex (as an asshole more easily tears than a vagina). Is anal sex something only gays do? My point here is not to suggest gays don’t have more anal sex than women. The point here is how the fuck did doctors have the audacity to call this a “gay related” disease in the first place? It’s an audacious and idiotic insult!

Meanwhile I’ve been told by someone from those
thereabouts that he didn’t know a person who died of Kaposi Sarcoma related AIDS who wasn’t partying for years with “Poppers” or Amyl Nitrate.

Is doing poppers gay? Whatever it was that they were dying from, again the doctors called it a gay disease. And it still is referred to it as a gay disease to this day.

Why has the recreational drug use angle never been explored by this pill and cocktail pushers? Why not just if for nothing else to effectively show that it is not the case, if that were the case? After all, billions and billions (as Carl Sagan never actually said) has been “spent” looking for a cure which they keep telling us is long ways away (how do they know this or is this statement motivated and formulated based on self-interest?)

Again from the start, the writing on the wall suggested that that our holy doctors were just sham-men, not shamen.

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