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Jeremy Steele talks about his four days in Jail-Prelude

Jeremy writes-

prelude: i get booked at hollywood wilcox station around 1 am, completely exhausted and drained, my booking photo made nick nolte look like an early version of one of the beatles in comparison… sophia had been yelling at me since she started drinking and i spent a lot of energy and had a hoarse voice from trying to calm her down before she even attacked me..

i asked for multiple pieces of pages to write what happened. i never got to finish it by the time the detective came to see me, he told me he spoke to my friend who i was on the phone with when sophia attacked me, i told him about her being drunk, the three 9-1-1 calls i made, her screaming clearly in the background “i’m gonna fucking kill you” on the first 9-1-1 call, he already told me the charge was being reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor (eventually it was dropped by the d.a. and it never went to a judge), that even the cops who arrested her didn’t believe her but felt obligated to arrest me because they saw some small mark or something on her lip (which she must have done to herself)

after speaking to the detective, i got taken to a 6 bunk cell with two blacks sleeping in them, as soon as the deputy opened the door, one of the guys woke up, looked at me like he was just told some really bad news and yelled out “Oh shit!!!”

eventually i said something to him and he snapped “don’t talk to me! you don’t know me. you and me we’re two different people.” he was a bit hostile. eventually, the other black guy woke up and the first thing he said when he saw me, in the same exact manner was “Oh shit!!!”. that was bizarre. they didn’t know each other and were on opposite ends of the room. a little later i muttered to myself out loud that i’m in the fucking twilight zone, and for some reason as soon as i said that the first guy who was hostile suddenly started becoming talkative and friendly and asked me why i was in there… eventually he asked if he’d rent me my spare room because he needs one when he gets out… i gave him an old defunct phone number which he kept repeating back to me wrong by faulty memory.

i had no appetite the first night and there were two old newspapers to read, that’s it. i called the deputy and told them i was having breathing problems and needed to see a doctor (and get some aspirin), i got to kill some time riding downtown, pass my neighborhood on the way, as i was being transferred outside of hollywood i was told “you know you’ll be dropped off in county afterwards”, i then said “can we cancel this request and take me back to my cell?” but he said it was too late… as i sat in the back of the police car a hot looking female with a big rifle walked past and the driver of the car i was in asked her a couple of questions and gave her some orders and she said “yes, sir, yes, sir” and then after she walked past he joked about the pd hiring female officers…

fortunately i never got processed through la county but another nearby center, a big tank which had several televisions playing and so i spent most of my time watching the olympics… this made my stay a lot easier and humane… nothing major happened while in there, i was talking a lot to some latino gang members giving them a conspiratorial version of history, after overhearing a conversation about the jfk assassination, talking how the gov’t traffics in drugs then goes after the ‘bad’ guys, the prison system is a big privatized business and that 1% of the u.s. population is locked up which is REALLY fucked up, listening to their adventure tales and learning about guns, fights, etc…. at one point some obvious “faggot”, (i feel obligated to call him that because he earned the term with the way he) stared at me with intense interest as i was wiping my ass after laying a log… his bunk was close to the shitters and probably not by accident, i think he enjoyed watching guys pull there pants down and wiping their assholes… obviously he lied when he was asked his sexual orientation because at one point we got to walk past that section… i stared angrily back at him back but that was about it..

the only event was some brain-damaged guy who kept bothering and yelling at people as they were trying to sleep and who came extremely close to getting his ass beaten by everybody in there.. the guy was black and everyone agreed that if this guy starts getting beat up that no brawl will ensue because it has nothing to do with race.

NL- Jeremy, where’s the rest of the story? Can you e-mail it to me?

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