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Jeremy Steele Vs. Derek Hay

Jeremy Steele emails:

Luke, I have been involved in two things of late–hiring girls (through Derek and other agents) as well as doing content exchange. One of Derek’s girls is a friend of mine and we hang out. She said she’s shooting her own content and available for content exchange and asked me  to call Kevin at LA Direct to schedule it. So I call and after I am briefly put on hold by Kevin. I am told that she does not need any content for her site.  Kevin then says, “She’s not the bad guy in this. We are.”  I asked when I should inquire as to her availability to shoot content with her in the future and he told me “one month.”

Before this, Carmella Bing gave me her number for content exchange.

I got a text message late Tuesday night from Carmella Bing’s phone saying, “This is Derek, you don’t do any content exchange with any of my girls.”

Well, this was news to me.

I called back, got no answer.

Several minutes later I get a text message  saying, “fuck you, you’re not hiring my girls any more.” Followed by another message saying, “Do you think this is my girlfriend you are talking to right now texting in the middle of the night?”  Is this guy insane? He just text me saying, “This is Derek.”

Derek, if that was you who called me an “asshole” and then said “fuck you” to me?, then at least have the balls to say it to my face. I’d respect you for it, but I’ll still rearrange your face. Next time I see you, I will kick in your teeth and make you blow me, BITCH!

Derek Hay replies:

Jeremy Steele does not know Carmella Bing and has the audacity to text her at 11;00pm soliciting her for content shoots. Carmella has no idea who Jeremy is nor how he got her number. She is not too happy that he has her number.

He has already been told we are not interested in these content shoots and persists.

Obviously he did not know that Carmella and I are dating and I caught him red handed.

We shall not conduct any further business with Jeremy Steele.

I shall not respond to Jeremy’s threat of kicking ass, he’s 5ft nothing.

Every one knows my office is at 12001 Ventura Place, Studio City, CA 91604. I’m easy to find.

Nuff said.

Carmella Bing texts that Jeremy is a creep and that he’s solicited several LA Direct girls for content trades.

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