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Jeremy Steele Went to AEE & They wouldn’t let him in, lol…

AEE 2010, aka Porn Convention 2010, aka Porno Convention 2010

by Jeremy Steele, January 21, 2009.

For the readers who remember last years Vegas AVN adventure, where I took the greyhound bus to get there, and then managed to get a free press pass for POONTALK by a gentleman who felt sorry for me…
Well, this year, I drove from L.A. to Vegas with Lucky Starr. A cosmic bit of coincidence; from L.A. she booked us room 1138 at “The Plaza” hotel, which happened to be right next to and above the same greyhound bus stop where I arrived in Vegas last year! It wasn’t the best neighborhood in Vegas, as you can see by the parking sign I took a photo of.
When it came to getting a free press pass,  I looked for the gentlemen who was there last year but he was nowhere to be found. I told the people there that I was press for POONTALK, and they said “Press for WHO?” I expected they would have me in their data banks from last year, but I was told they hold no data from past shows.
They asked me if I had a business card, and told me that would be sufficient to get in, but I told him I didn’t have any on me. The reason I had none with me was because I never had any made. A “friend” once told me I didn’t need any POONTALK  business cards, that the great name of Poontalk was enough, to get me around. I guess not…

You can read of more of Jeremy’s story and see his pictures here

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