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Jeremy’s first entry on his new blog-Send Cash

Jeremy writes-

[email protected]#K, I can’t belive it’s up!

Hi, folks, This is my first blog post. Several posters (Larry Horse, The Colonel, Jed, etc.) on LIB suggested that I start a blog, so here’s my first post of hopefully many to come. I got this started with a donation of server space and a digital camera, but I need funds to keep this going. Please give generously so that I can keep creating and posting videos, interviews, skits, pics of food and women, work, etc. for Send cash wrapped in paper (no checks as my account was cancelled) to: Jeremy Steele, PO Box 2732, Hollywood, CA, 90078. Give 5, 10, 20, 50 or whatever you can afford. I know this sounds like a beg-a-thon, as it is, so help a little man get somethin’ to eat, fellas!

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