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Jeremy’s Sex Scene for

Story & pics by Jeremy Steele

Today was my second time working for . The first time was with Lucky Starr. Today I worked with Erica Fontes (, from Portugal. She’s been in the biz for two years, started at age 18. I asked her what attitudes are about porn in Portugal and she said people celebrate it in groups at festivals, but if you were to stop an individual off the street and ask them about porn they would claim they don’t like it. Portugal’s primary religion there is Roman Catholicism, and she says whenever someone is shooting a camera at those festivals, people, who are within view of the camera, run away.

Also on the set was Aria Aspen, who’s Polish and originally from Chicago. She said she’s been in the business doing boy/girl since this February, although she first got into the adult industry four years ago when she was 18 doing solo and cam shows. She said she hated her job and that’s what got into doing hardcore.

I asked Erica if her parents know what she does and she said her parents didn’t speak to her, at first, for three months after her revelation. Her mother was the first who was ok with it, and ironically her grandmother’s attitude was basically “What’s the problem with it?”
Aria said she told everyone because, she says it’s best to come from her rather than someone else. She said her dad was fine with it, after she told them she’s in porn, but her mom became convinced she was possessed by demons.
Erica is married to another performer and Aria said she gets more girls in her personal life than guys. Aria also spoke about a girl who did a gay-for-pay scene with her once, who was not into it; that it was weird in how the girl tried to over-compensate during the scene. It is a scene Aria says she wishes to never see.

Both girls showed me their tattoos, including Aria’s Betty Page and Erica’s Eyes on lower back, above her ass. I asked if she got it because, since guys are looking at her ass,  she could look back at them.

She said she got it at age 14 because she loves blue eyes, which she does not have. Also, the butterfly tattoo, which she got after she got in the porn biz, signifies transmutation/metamorphosis.

The scene with Erica and I included some backyard fro-licking (and sucking) under the trees, having sex on top of a giant stuffed bear in a workout room, on a couch, and culminating on the bed, where I shot a big load on her mouth and chest, followed by post-coitus showering (all which was video’d). 

Afterwards, the director and crew took us all out to lunch, which we shot, partially, as well. 

I had a nice mixed drink and steak salad, one of my favorite meals (sorry, I forgot to take food pics).
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