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Jerky: The Always Incognito Mobile Web Browser

jerky_screenshotJerky is a brand new web browser tailored for porn-watching on Android devices. It’s always in incognito, so you’ll never have to worry about clearing your history—ever! Besides the app being named “Jerky,” nobody will know what you’re up to.

This beautifully designed, fast web browser has a lot of great features under the hood.

You have the ability to lock the browser so that only you can use it. Just type in a pin number, and every time you’re not using the app, it locks up so that you’re the only one who can see what’s going on.

It allows for subscription to a super-fast proxy service that will get you around any banned websites—incredibly useful if you’re in under the stupid new default UK porn filter, or if you’re at school or somewhere they block web access. Once you’ve paid, just tap the icon next to the address bar.

Best of all, PORN.COM works like a charm! I’m sure other sites do too, but this is one browser you’re definitely going to want to try out for yourself.

Click here to get Jerky in the Play Store.

Highly recommended.

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