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Jerry Garfinkel’s 2257 Problems

Matt writes:

run a google search for “2257, Garfinkel” you’ll find 4 names, Jay, J., Jerry, Bruce, they are all Jerry Garfinkel. he also used at least one self storage facility as his production offices. a blatant disregard for the 2257 rules in place at the of production. an even cursory inquiry of those records would definitely yield a slam dunk conviction. Lots of questionable ID’s…. and if your really nice to me I could tell you about his bookkeeper/partner Cathy. She attempted to adopt a child, had to be a female, had to be of a certain age. if get your hands on the CPS report for that adoption, that will be your next two books. more on that subject i can play 1 degree of separation (instead of 6 degrees) from Garfinkel to Joel Steinberg, and Joel Rifkin. it is real sick the all knew the same people place and things, they partied at the same clubs, they… there are are three books there.

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